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Cypress to house married and graduate students

After this year’s switch to co-ed housing, MVNU is taking it one more step by introducing new tenants in the Cypress apartments. The University has decided to renovate five of the Cypress apartments to accommodate married and graduate students.

In the past married and graduate students have lived in off-campus apartments previously owned by the University on South Division Street and Glen Road. But a drop in traditional enrollment and an excess of on-campus housing this year prompted the University to sell the off-campus apartments.

Director of Business Services Alan Shaffer sees this as a smart move for the University.

"It didn’t make financial sense to own the two off-campus apartment buildings on South Division Street when we had available housing on campus,” Shaffer said.

The married and graduate apartments currently house eight married couples and one graduate student.

Because of lease agreements, several of these couples will stay in the off-campus housing next year under new ownership.

Five Cypress apartments will be renovated to accommodate the new tenants. The lower level will be turned into a kitchen and living area and the upper level will still have two bedrooms. Apartments will be partially furnished with living room furniture, a kitchen table and chairs, and single beds for graduate students.

Rent will run at $720 a month for married students and $510 a month for graduate students and will cover utilities, water, trash, laundry, cable and internet.

Convenience of location aside, married and graduate students will now have more opportunities to engage with the campus community.

“The Cypress setting will allow them to be a little removed, while still making it easy for these students to stay in touch with campus activities,” Shaffer said.

Married student Phil Lanz said the new housing is a great point of connection for non-traditional students.

“I have done a lot to stay connected and if I were to move on campus then it would be much easier,” Lanz said. “I would love to do that — it’s just not cost effective.”

However, current students have raised concerns about the impact this will have on next year’s housing arrangements. Dean of Students Rick Engstrom assured students that any change would be minimal because of MVNU’s dropping enrollment.

“It will have very little impact on room rush,” reducing the number of apartments for traditional students by three at the most, Engstrom said.

Students living in the renovated apartments will still need to abide by the MVNU lifestyle guidelines. Apartments will be available in August.

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