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Cedar, Birch and Redwood welcome new RD

This year is a new beginning for up and coming Residential Director Kirsten Umphryes.

Umphryes started as a Residential Assistant at Olivet Nazarene University, and then moved to Colorado with her husband, working full time for the Salvation Army, until eventually returning to Ohio.

“My freshman roommate, Madalyn Booher, who is the first lady of Oakwood, texted me and told me about this position right before they closed the application process,” she said. “It seemed like a long shot, but I love college students and thought it could be fun. As I moved along in the process, I really felt the Lord leading us here, and here we are.”

Umphryes oversees three residence halls at MVNU: Cedar, Birch and Redwood. Umphryes noted that working with so many residence halls is challenging but rewarding. She said, “There are a lot of students, and of course, everything and everyone is new for me. However, it has been so fun getting to know students and getting the chance to hear their stories. I potentially gained like 230 friends. It has been so fun.”

Looking towards the future, Umphryes said, “I’ll be here until the Lord leads me somewhere else. I always strive for longevity in whatever I do, as I believe that’s how relational ministry happens, however, I want to follow the Lord’s leading wherever I go.”

Photo: Cedar, Birch and Redwood Student Staff and RD. From left to right: Scott Maurer, Cole Hale, Caleb Bicknell, Erin Adkins, Hannah Kutz, Mitchell George, Kirsten Umphryes, Taylor Jobe. Photo courtesy of Kirsten Umphryes.

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