Malisa Simco on D.C. semester and life after graduation

February 12, 2020


Many academic programs at MVNU offer the opportunity for students to participate in Best Semester off-campus travel programs. Malisa Simco, a 2019 MVNU grad, spent her final semester in Washington, D.C. as part of the American Studies Program offered by MVNU and the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities. 


“My semester in D.C. was amazing,” said Simco. “The opportunity to spend a semester in D.C. was just too good to pass up. It was incredibly intriguing to know that I would receive credits for my time in D.C. I’ve lived in small-town America the majority of my life, so I truly wanted to step outside of my comfort zone and immerse myself in a new culture.” 


During her time in D.C., Simco took classes two days a week and completed an internship with the National Archives. The classes were very interactive and gave Simco and other students the opportunity to travel around the D.C. metro area and learn from many guest speakers. “Engaging with professionals was the best learning experience I could have ever received,” Simco said. 


“The best part about my D.C. semester was allowing myself to be challenged spiritually, academically and politically,” said Simco. “As Christians, we should be pushing ourselves to constantly pursue opportunities for growth in the world around us.” 


The American History and Journalism and Media Production major is appreciative for her time at MVNU and in D.C. and recognizes the impact her friends and professors had on her academic and spiritual growth. “I am forever grateful to Dr. Wantland and Professor Rinehart for believing in my abilities and constantly pushing me to aim higher. They took the time to invest in me as a student, a friend and as a follower of Christ.” 


Simco is currently interning at the Gettysburg National Military Park as a Visual Information Specialist. “Don’t rush life,” she said. “Explore internship opportunities or find a couple of part-time jobs so you can find something you truly love.” 


Life after graduation can be tough, but Simco offers this encouragement: “Christ gives us passions and talents for the advancement of His Kingdom, so He will absolutely place you where He needs you. Don’t be afraid to take chances.” 




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