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Upperclassmen Small Groups 


Here at Mount Vernon Nazarene University, faculty, staff, and students work together to create the best possible campus experience even in the tough and confusing times of COVID-19. Many new procedures and restrictions have been put into place, but one addition, Life Groups, is looking to bring students closer together in these uncertain times.

The formation of Life Groups for the 2020-2021 school year, according to Life Group coordinator Noah Robbins, was due to the “absence, among upperclassmen, of the sense of community that comes from gathering together in a tight-knit group studying the Word.” Earlier this year in the spring of 2020, the concept of Life Groups was suggested but was not a solidified idea for the Fall semester until July.


September 17, 2020 I Grant Stelzer


Local Athlete Shines Forth 

October 5, 2020 I Matt Harden

For MVNU women’s basketball Senior Taylor Gregory, the road to MVNU wasn’t a direct route and included a detour to Akron, Ohio. The former Mount Vernon High School basketball standout had multiple offers including from MVNU to play college basketball.

MVNU Women’s Basketball Head Coach Amanda Short was heavily recruiting Gregory. “Taylor came to numerous open gyms in our postseason and some in the summer months as well,” said Short. “We built a good relationship with her through that time.” Ultimately, Gregory would commit to the NCAA Division 1 University of Akron.

“When we found out that she went to Akron, we stopped recruiting her,” said Short. However, Gregory didn’t stay away from MVNU.

“She continued to come and play in our open gyms in the off season,” said Short. The relationship between Gregory, the team, and Coach Short grew.

It hasn’t been easy for Gregory and it has taken a lot of hard work and practice to achieve the success she has reached. “In high school, I had a lot of great teammates to look up to and help me along while I was on varsity as a freshman,” said Gregory. 

“Sierra Basista and Rachel Parks really helped me,” Gregory continued. Teammates haven’t been the only important people in her journey.


Friday Night Live To Friday Night Online

October 26, 2020 I Ellie Perry

The COVID-19 pandemic causes one to reconsider how to go about everyday life as a whole, especially on college campuses with myriad campus activities and extracurriculars.  Mount Vernon Nazarene’s variety show, Friday Night Live, is no exception. 


“FNL has had to make major changes this year,” said Hunter Hines, a junior studying journalism and media production, who is also the leader of the group. “The biggest and most obvious being the lack of a live show. This semester, we have become FNL Online.” He went on to say that instead of having a live show at the end of the year, their team tries to release a new video every Friday. Currently, FNL has 15 members, and it takes all of them to “keep things going, especially when we are constantly trying to produce content,” admitted Hunter. 


Four participants of FNL had varying responses when they were asked what inspired them to join FNL. “I have always loved FNL,” said Alyssa Sidle, a senior studying philosophy. “So I really wanted to be a part of it. I love making videos, and doing funny skits has been something I’ve done since childhood.” Preston Whiteman, a sophomore youth ministry major, commented that he chose to participate because his friends told him he should do it.