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Life at Lower: Cat Dugan’s Internship Experience 
September 22, 2022 By Mallory Thomas 

Cat Dugan, a senior communication and media major at MVNU, spent her summer of 2022 as Lower’s first communications intern, learning all the ins and outs of the mortgage industry. This past summer, Lower, a New Albany-based mortgage-lending fintech startup, placed several college students across the company to put their innovative feedback into action. These students developed their professional skills by taking on real, impactful projects that mutually benefited both the students and the company. Dugan touches on some of her responsibilities, explaining, “I learned how to best craft press releases, company-wide emails, meeting recaps and more. In between my core tasks and meetings, I assisted the marketing team with capturing social media stories, gathering leads as a brand ambassador and planning events.” 

Dugan collaborated with the company’s recruiters and fellow Lower interns to highlight the intern experience, particularly via blog posts on LinkedIn, a social media platform used for professional networking and career development. Because of her “can do” attitude and tendency to go above and beyond her job description, Dugan received the company’s “High Give a (expletive) Factor” award at the end of the summer. 

As she moves into her final year at MVNU, Dugan looks forward to taking her new skills and applying them to her coursework at MVNU. She explained, “The real world, hands-on experience is second to none, and I’m excited to continue to develop these new marketing and communications skills.”

Pioneer class representative Ronald Billow speaks on his experiences at MVNU

September 22, 2022 By Zach Baur

Ronald Billow has been part of MVNU for decades. A member of 1970’s Pioneer class, he would go on to graduate from MVNU with an associate’s degree in 1972, later earning a degree in elementary ed BioScience at Tribeca, and then returning to MVNU and earning a degree in business administration several years later in 1995. He is now the Pioneer class representative and returns to the university often.


Speaking on the experience of being part of the pioneer class, Billow said “When I first pulled up to the college on that dirt path, I thought to myself “what in the world have I got myself into.” But 52 years later now, I’ll say it has been the most valuable and enjoyable time of my life. I think the hardships we went through as the opening class and the lack of some facilities at the time made us appreciate the things we did have.” Billow noted that “We played a bit of a hand in how things have changed. The imprints we left in the ground are where they ended up paving the sidewalks.”


Commenting further on how much things have changed at MVNU over the years, Ronald said “Back then, we’d gather chairs in the barn and they had to cart our food out of the kitchen and into the building cause we ate there before the cafeteria had all that seating room. I wish we could’ve had some of the things you guys have now, but I’m very thankful for what we did have and it’s very meaningful to us.”


Billow also recalled being on the university’s very first basketball team. “We didn’t have many games the first year, and about 12 or 14 games the second year. We were a bit of a ragtag team cause our school was so small at the time and people weren’t coming in through scholarships.”  In addition to the fond memories of team sports, Billow spoke of other meaningful connections made when he attended MVNU such as meeting his wife and the bonds he made with the professors. “There’s also a personal touch with the educators here that I think has helped me and my continued relationship with the university.”

When Ronald Billow was asked about what advice he had for any current students, including those who will be graduating soon, he had this to say: “Become involved. I think that’s extremely important. When someone becomes involved in something, they take ownership of it. When you have a stake in something, you put your best self forward.” Billow clarified that this extends beyond college, adding “It becomes important after you graduate because you continue that, even if not with the school, with other people. Maybe with your family or kids you have.”

Allison Prouty is a junior at Mount Vernon Nazarene University. She is currently double majoring in business administration and communications with an emphasis on digital media.  She was fortunate enough to earn the opportunity to intern at the Amazon Fulfillment Center (called CMH1) in Etna this summer in Amazon’s Operations Management internship program.


Each week, Prouty teamed up with a different section of the facility to familiarize herself with the procedures and operations that take place day to day. At the beginning of her eight weeks there, she shadowed the support teams that work alongside other departments to learn the importance of safety and finance.


She also shadowed the area managers on-site to grasp how each department was run and then would apply what she learned the next day while working with the other employees. She was tasked with completing a final project by the end of her internship, which included updating the internal websites that the managers use for operations. Prouty successfully rewrote and published new descriptions for the site and gave a presentation to her peers on her final day.


When asked about her favorite part of her internship, Prouty fondly recalled, “I loved that I got to see and experience new things every day during my internship. I got to go in and train to do my associate’s jobs, help train and coach my associates, work on editing websites, teach health and safety classes for small groups of associates and assist the process assistants and area managers in their daily managerial work . . . there truly were no dull moments."


Prouty was accepted into the junior program and is excited to further her knowledge outside of the classroom.

September 22, 2022 By Morgan Mills

 Allison Prouty Summer Intern at CMH1


One, two, three strikes you’re out rings in the ears of Jonathon Langdon and Colin Ashworth from their internships this summer. Both junior communication and digital media majors took on internships with the Columbus Clippers during their summer away from campus and returned to campus this fall with new experiences and stories about their opportunities, responsibilities, and overall time with the Clippers. Both students expressed similar stories about what their responsibilities entail.

Ashworth stated that his responsibilities “ranged from running different cameras throughout the stadium, running the show, as well as audio, commercial spots, and even replay operations.” While their internships may put them in high-pressure situations, they still had times when the job became a comedy show.

Jonathon Langdon shared that he and Ashworth filmed a squirrel chase that was happening midgame, and the footage that they shot ended up being shown on ESPN’s “Not Top 10” lists. Both students expressed that they enjoyed their experience and would recommend others interested in sports and camera work to try out the internship.

Langdon said, “I met other people who were in the same spot as me, and we learned together and had a good time. I love sports, and I enjoyed doing the internship and doing it on a professional level.” Both students are major parts of our campus sportscasting program at MVNU; and with their experience with the Columbus Clippers, there is no doubt that they will continue to improve their craft and continue to do great work wherever they go.

MVNU duo learns new skills with Clippers Internship

September 6, 2022 By Brandon Ehrenburg


Judy Gregg Appointed Dean of Nursing and Health Sciences 

September 6, 2022 By Zach Baur

Dr. Judy Gregg is highly experienced in the field of nursing and healthcare. Recently appointed as the dean of MVNU’s school of nursing and health sciences, Gregg has worked as a part of the nursing school for 11 of the 15 years that it has been a part of MVNU. When asked about what she looks most forward to in her new position as the dean, Dr. Gregg said, “Building on our excellent foundation, I look forward to expanding the nursing and health science programs in new areas and continuing to train the next generation of healthcare workers.”

The past two years have been challenging for those working in healthcare due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Gregg describes healthcare as being in a “crisis” but offers hope to those who may be struggling.

“For those working in the field, I would encourage them to hang on, remember why they came to the field, and then use their voice to help make changes when needed,” said Gregg. “Nurses have always been advocates for their patients; it is time they became advocates for the profession as well.”

She explained about the need for leadership in all levels of healthcare and quoted a Bible verse about the calling of medical workers. “I have a poster on my office wall that I obtained during the pandemic of a nurse putting on a mask,” said Gregg with a quote from Esther 4:14: "Perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created."

In her new role as the dean, Dr. Gregg, is enthusiastic. In the past, she has primarily taught senior students, but she is now teaching freshmen as well. After discussing new responsibilities such as joining the Academic Leadership Team and expanding programs within the nursing school, Gregg gives a positive statement about her current experience and future as the dean.

“I enjoy giving tours to prospective students and showing off our great facility,” she said. “I also loved being a part of the ribbon cutting at NSI. As a school, we are trying to be more intentional in connecting with our students this year. We have several events already planned. I am looking forward to getting to know all the students.”