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General Education Course Changes
By:  Henry Shobert

MVNU will be altering its traditional course requirements for undergraduate students beginning in the fall of 2023. The changes will officially come to fruition on June 1, 2023, and have risen out of a desire to change the university’s educatory focus. The university explains that “In 2023, the faculty has decided that it is time for a new focus in our general education curriculum. New courses focused on vocation . . . and service will become a defining feature of the MVNU experience.” The document, authored by Dr. Brett Wiley, can be referenced in an email sent to students from the office of Academic Affairs on Feb. 7.

Regarding the changes, the university intends for students to be granted a greater opportunity to explore courses and materials outside of their majors. This will be made possible as, according to the document, there “will be the reduction of required hours in the general education curriculum.” For incoming freshmen in the 2023-2024 academic year, courses such as “Love, Justice, and the Good Life,” “The Arts and the Human Identity” and “Science and the Modern Mind” will not be required and will be unavailable. Instead, “Exploring Vocation I: Living a Called Life” and “Exploring Vocation II: Called to Serve” will be necessary along with “Contemporary Concerns,” a course that has been previously required.


For anyone who has 30 or fewer completed credit hours and has already finished two of the courses which are being disregarded, they will only need to additionally complete “Contemporary Concerns.” Students with 30 or fewer completed credit hours who’ve already finished one of the previously required courses will need to also complete both ‘Exploring Vocation I” and “Contemporary Concerns.” Finally, those who’ve completed none of the formerly required courses will need to take both of the “Exploring Vocation” classes along with “Contemporary Concerns.”

Power of the Pens 

By : Morgan Mills


Finding new pieces of literature and visual art can be difficult. Thankfully, a group called Penmarks makes it easy to find new pieces to support the artists that submit their work. This literary journal is filled with pieces of visual art, poetry, nonfiction and short stories created by not only MVNU students but alumni, staff and other members of the faculty. Both advising editor Kelly Smith and editor-in-chief Xander Adams walked The Viewer through the process of curating a journal like this.


First, the student sends in a submission to them by email, then they use their meetings to review the pieces and discuss with their team which items need to be edited and which will be left out. This process helps writers who dream of publishing their work to show them what steps they would take when they graduate.


“Penmarks gives students a place to spread their wings and get their work out there,” Smith explained when asked about the role Penmarks plays in our community. “Not only are they able to put their work out, but it’s also a part of them.” Adams added. Both editors urge those who are passionate about their craft to submit it to Penmarks. It can be incredibly intimidating for new writers or artists to hand in their work, but both editors encourage artists to do so.


“Be brave. Your voice is unique, your story significant,” Smith stated. Penmarks has a year-end reading event where the artists who are picked to appear in the current journal have an opportunity to share it in front of others. This year’s reading will take place on Thursday, April 27 in the Ramsey Room of Thorne Library. Those who are not able to attend the event can still purchase the journal on Amazon. Please follow Penmarks on Instagram (@penmarksjournal) or Twitter (@penmarksjournal) to find out more about submitting or purchasing a journal. 

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