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Here at Mount Vernon Nazarene University, the staff and faculty work around the clock to make the campus as inclusive and accepting as possible. Tavarus Taylor, the new director if Intercultural Life at MVNU, is looking to continue to improve the campus inclusivity as much as possible.

Intercultural Life is an organization here on campus that allows partnerships between people to put on events and provide activities that celebrate diversity and inclusion. Some events include “I Have a Dream” partnership with campus ministries, the Black Student Union, and more. All of these peeked Taylors interest in the year 2020.

RDs and RAs: The unsung heroes of residence life

February 15, 2021 I Mike Basko

Taking care of students and managing dorm life is not an easy task, even without a global pandemic taking place. Resident Directors (RDs) and Resident Assistants (RAs) have many duties to keep residence life running smoothly for students living on campus. These duties have only increased due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has raged over the course of the past year. The virus has provided an extra challenge for the staff and has added another level of concern regarding student safety. RAs and RDs must make sure that the new virus protocols are implemented and adhered to by the students, while also following all of the protocols themselves in order to set a good example.



MVNU Welcomes Tavaris Taylor

October 5, 2020 I Grant Stelzer 

Saliva Testing a Challenge for MVNU Campus

February 14, 2021 I Hannah Barco


Spring semester at MVNU has been slightly different this year due to the now enforced saliva testing on campus. With a one-per-week minimum, all staff and students must submit a saliva test in order to do the day-to-day campus things such as going to the caf, doing laundry, going to the gyms or being in class. Athletes, nursing students and any other high-risk-of-exposure students have to submit saliva samples twice a week. 


Although most people have an apprehensive attitude towards saliva testing, JoLee Carrier, MVNU’s RN on campus, said, “The saliva screening has been very effective in identifying those individuals that need to follow up with a PCR test. If a saliva sample is flagged, the majority of the time the PCR (nasal swab) test will come back positive.” 



Even during difficult times, there are so many people who want to exercise in a gymnasium to forget about their problems and to stay healthy and active. After a few weeks of closing off workout areas on the MVNU campus, the gymnasium is finally reopened for anybody who wants to workout.

According to the MVNU’s men’s and women’s track coach, Ellis Galion stated in the video update for Student Life ( that, “The Gyms on the weekdays will be open from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., and then there will be a break between for the athletic teams, and then they will reopen again from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. On the weekends, Saturday and Sunday, they will open up from 1 to 6 p.m. 

Reopening the Gyms 

October 5, 2020 I Colin Berg 

Emergency Management and Homeland Security Program Coming To MVNU in Fall

Mount Vernon Nazarene University will be welcoming a brand-new degree program this fall. Students will now be able to major in Emergency Management and Homeland Security. This comprehensive program will prepare students to work with non-profit, private and governmental agencies during crises. Dr. Thad Hicks, Professor of Emergency Management & Criminal Justice, said that “The crises that pop up, that’s our job -- to bring order out of chaos.” Over the past several years, the demand for people who can effectively manage emergencies has been rising. Crises such as political unrest, natural disasters, and even the COVID-19 pandemic have led to this need. 

Dr. LeeAnn Couts, Dean of the School of Natural and Social Sciences, said that the courses offered for this major will help prepare students for any career in emergency management. “They will be doing this in real life situations,” she said. Students in this major will take classes such as Introduction to Emergency Management and Homeland Security, Phases of Emergency Management, Grant Writing, Principles of Management, Politics and Policy and a capstone project. There will also be elective courses like Hazardous Materials, Crisis Communication, International Development, Trauma Healing and Crisis Intervention. 

For more information about the Emergency Management and Homeland Security major, contact Dr. Thad Hicks at or call him at (740) 601-1252.


February 15, 2021 I Allison Prouty

Res Life Update

October 17, 2020 I Grant Stelzer 

Mount Vernon Nazarene University works day and night to get students and everyone on campus involved socially as much as possible. Even in the time of COVID, MVNU still puts on events to connect students while in the midst of confusion and uncertainty. 

One of the most social parts of being a part of MVNU’s student body is activities related to Residence Life (Res Life). Res life also puts on a lot of events that connect students together including the Res Life Games. Some of these events are events like a Tug of War contest, a boat race, and The Rezzies. The Rezzies are “a video contest between residence areas and commuters. 


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