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David Mills, The Vice President of Spiritual Life 
By Sam Henthorn 

Mount Vernon Nazarene University has undergone many changes in its course of life. One of those many changes is a new position coming to the university . . . the Vice President of Spiritual Life.

Rev. David Mills filled this position at the start of this semester. When asked how he felt about it and where his excitement was, Mills said, “The investment that I can make in students’ lives as they get ready to go make their mark on the world.” Mills was brought on for this role by the president of MVNU, Dr. Carson Castleman. 

Dr. Castleman was interviewed by WNZR, the local campus radio station. When asked how he picked Mills for this role, Castleman said, “I knew that Dave had everything I was looking for: humility, a hunger for the word, compassionate, caring, kind, and the ability to bring people together and unite them for the greatest cause ever, which is growing the kingdom.” The individuals at this university are Mills’ priority. Connecting with the students of MVNU was something he saw in this position as well as what Castleman saw in him. 

Mills was also interviewed by WNZR. And when he shared what it meant to accept Castleman’s offer for this job, Mills said, “We felt like God was in it all the way; and one of the 

things my wife and I have always told our children that after we’re gone, and our legacy has passed on to them that they can always say that we said “yes” to whatever God wanted us to do.”

A message that Mills wanted to tell students is to see when faced with these life-changing decisions that God often gives opportunities for individuals to say “yes” to him. Saying “yes” to be on the campus of MVNU was what he believed to be God's calling, to bring that investment to student life. When asked what the position meant to him, Mills said, “It's not necessarily the position that means much to me, but it’s the placement at this time, at this moment to lead students and faculty. It’s an honor, and it’s a privilege.”

The students of MVNU have someone who trusts God, making him the perfect fit for The Vice President of Spiritual Life. Mills ended with, “One of my favorite scriptures is in John chapter 3, where it says, ‘he must become greater and I must become less.’”

Streamer Randy Moon Sparks Excitement in Gaming Community
By Nathan Sharpes

Over the years, eSports has seen a tremendous rise in its players and community. eSports and live streaming are lucrative businesses that require time and dedication to achieve success. Over the last couple months, Randy Moon, a senior on the Mount Vernon Nazarene University eSports team, has experienced this growth at a rapid rate. 

Starting back in high school, Moon remembers his older brother, Darren, getting him into the popular game Overwatch. Darren was also part of the eSports team during his time at MVNU, and Randy says he followed him here to play Overwatch. Moon has always been into live streaming but was not successful early on. He describes being a professional live streamer as “the dream goal” and explained that “live streaming is something I’ve always wanted to do” when asked what made him start streaming. 

Fast forward to today, and Moon has over 97,000 followers on Tik Tok. He credits a lot of this growth to having “a consistent schedule for live streaming on Tik Tok and Twitch.” Through this experience and growth, there have been so many people who have recognized him as “the guy from Tik Tok.” He also gave a shoutout to his fellow teammates and said, “All the eSports guys have been super supportive. Between Dec. 14 and Jan. 14, Moon saw his following grow to 10,000; and since then, he has gained over 87,000 followers. It’s been a great start for him, and he hopes to continue learning and growing after he graduates from MVNU this spring. 

If you would like to support and follow Moon, his socials are as follow: 

Tik Tok: renegaderanster 

YouTube: RenegadeRanster 

Twitch: RenegadeRanster

Penmarks, a Place for Your POV
By Abby Almodovar

The students at MVNU are talented, and many possess talents that they do not often showcase. This is why Penmarks exists, as a way for the community at this school to have their writing and artwork published and printed in a literary journal all our own. 

“I think a lot of people are surprised when they see their friends have a poem in the journal,” observed Kelly Smith, the professor who heads up the magazine, “I like for students, alumni, staff and faculty to have a place to submit that kind of thing — to showcase the creative work they’re doing.” 

This showcase is not purely available to English and art majors. As Xander Adams, editor in chief, explained, “Most often, some of the most unique pieces are from students that aren’t very experienced in writing. They’re very willing to try new things.” He added that the combination of both experienced and inexperienced writers and artists adds to the journal’s range of perspectives.

Penmarks accepts submissions through February, and then the students working on the journal will collaboratively decide on the final pieces and layout. Once Penmarks is published, a yearly reading takes place in Thorne Library for writers to verbally share their creations.

Although Smith encourages these published writers to read at the event, she understands the difficulty of both putting personal work out into the world and reading it aloud for others.

“So much of the creative life, you are alone in your own headspace. So, it’s really nice to allow your work to reach out and touch other people. That’s a big part of writing — creating these connections across people groups and people we didn’t even know we had something in common with,” Smith encouraged. “If you keep everything to yourself, then we don’t get to have that communal experience. It’s hard — I get it, but I always say, ‘Be brave. We’ll be better for having your point of view in the world.’”

For more details, follow Penmarks on their Instagram page, @penmarksjournal, and email submissions to

MVNU Signs Goalie to Save the Season
By Kai Mays

The Mount Vernon Nazarene University’s men’s soccer team gears up for next season by signing a new goalie. With the current goalie graduating and the 2024 soccer season fast approaching, Coach Zach Ganzberg signed sophomore transfer Christian Dean to fill the empty position. 

A local resident to Mount Vernon, Dean went to Indiana Wesleyan University initially, and when asked why he transferred to MVNU he said, “I came back to Mount Vernon and MVNU to compete for a team where favoritism doesn’t determine playing time, and to get a job at the local hospital to get hours to graduate.” 

In addition to soccer, Dean plans to study Biology to propel him into medical school after graduating so he can become a Pre-Physician Assistant. 

With the next soccer and school season ahead of him, he is excited for what the fall semester brings. “I’m excited for the next soccer season and playing with a new team, and I’m looking forward to pursuing my major here as well.” 

While community wasn’t the primary reason for transferring, he can’t deny how great MVNU is, “I’ve really enjoyed the short time I’ve been here, and the community is awesome. I can’t wait to get more integrated into the community as the semester continues and next school year begins.” Unsurprisingly, MVNU did what it does best and welcomed Dean with open arms.

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