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CH4 Stadium: The Process
September 22, 2022 | Ben Alexander

    The MVNU Athletic Department, along with the City of Mount Vernon, decided it was time to build a new soccer and lacrosse stadium. The name of the stadium is CH4 stadium. The name is based on methane, a component of natural gas. Ariel Corporation, which makes gas compressors, was one of the major donors to the stadium. There is more information about this on the plaques as you walk into CH4 stadium, which explains the meaning of the stadium. You will want to come to check it out. 

MVNU Athletic Director Chip Wilson said that the CH4 stadium would last a long time due to the field conditions and fundraising efforts. “… the priority was going to be a high-quality field that could provide a surface that could hold both soccer and lacrosse teams.” Wilson also said that the addition of lacrosse made it necessary to have a turf field, and that led to fundraising efforts.

   How long did this take? It took three years to complete, and they did it in two phases. Describing the phases, Wilson stated, “During phase one construction, our men's and women's soccer teams played at the Mount Vernon High School field, and this lasted one season. Phase two began about two years after the completion of phase one. The construction for phase two lasted approximately one year. I am thankful for the teamwork that took place, which allowed our teams to continue practicing and competing on the field during phase two construction.”

   Wilson was also excited about the new features of the stadium. “CH4 Stadium is the home of our men's and women's soccer and lacrosse teams,” he explained. “It consists of a 500-seat stadium, four locker rooms, a beautiful press box and platform for streaming, concessions, public restrooms, field lighting, and storage. There is also a newly paved parking lot to help with spectator parking.”

   What can fans expect differently from CH4 Stadium to the other stadiums on MVNU’s campus? Wilson has the answer. “Field lighting is probably the major difference to our other outdoor space,” he said. ”Because we have multiple teams using this space, field lighting allows for practices and games to extend after sunset.” That means fans can see the action better, and the athletes can practice longer so that the Cougars have a better chance at competing for championships, making CH4 Stadium a win-win situation for everybody.

Chinese, American Art On Display at Schnormeier Gallery

September 6, 2022 Morgan Mills

The Schnormeier Gallery is currently hosting the Matter and Spirit Exhibit, an innovative, cross-cultural multimedia display. It consists of 55 exhibits produced by 25 Chinese and American artists using various mediums such as neon, oil, digital prints and fiber teabags.

The pieces depict spirituality through the eyes of these two different regions, which provides a fresh perspective about how diverse cultures represent and interpret their faith. Some of the pieces draw the viewer in to study every detail, such as Hidden Spirit #1 and #2 by Scott Fisk, which consists of two digital prints on birch developed using the Artivive App to bring the pieces to life.

Professor Justin Sorensen, who is an associate professor of art at MVNU, also has works displayed in the exhibit, such as Untitled (Wild Swans) and A Secular Age. He is impressed with the display going so far as to say,“… it was mind blowing to see the range of the work here.”

Bringing together this diversified group of artists with assorted talents to tell their stories of conviction and blend their styles together has produced a wonderful collection.The Schnormeier Gallery will continue their display at the Buchwald Center until Oct. 14.


FaithWorks Trip to Poland Yields Success

September 6, 2022 Faith West

Every year, Mount Vernon Nazarene University sends multiple groups of students out to various parts of the world on their service learning trips. These trips can be either local or global, and this year FaithWorks added a new destination to the list: Poznan, Poland.

The trip to Poland was led by campus pastor Stephanie Lobdell. Her team’s main role was to teach English to high school students at a summer camp; and twice a day, every day, MVNU students led classes that helped the campers develop their English conversation skills.

Trip member Haley Schreiner also mentioned that the team was involved with the camp’s evening event called Club. She said, “They had music and games and a speaker, and we took turns being the speakers.” The students spoke on a variety of topics while relating their subject to biblical principles. Schreiner believes that even though the goal wasn’t necessarily to preach, they were able to see God move in a nonreligious place.


When asked about her favorite part of the trip, Schreiner stated that it was the relationships she built with staff as well as the campers. She recalled that since the counselors were mainly college students, “We really got to be close friends with them, too, and it was a good opportunity for us to witness to them as well.” Due to the relationships built this past summer, MVNU students plan to return to Poland next year and continue to show the love of God to the high school campers.