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MVNU Welcomes Tavarus Taylor

October 5, 2020 I Grant Stelzer 

Here at Mount Vernon Nazarene University, the staff and faculty work around the clock to make the campus as inclusive and accepting as possible. Tavarus Taylor, the new director if Intercultural Life at MVNU, is looking to continue to improve the campus inclusivity as much as possible.

Intercultural Life is an organization here on campus that allows partnerships between people to put on events and provide activities that celebrate diversity and inclusion. Some events include “I Have a Dream” partnership with campus ministries, the Black Student Union, and more. All of these peeked Taylors interest in the year 2020.

Res Life Update

October 17, 2020 I Grant Stelzer 

Mount Vernon Nazarene University works day and night to get students and everyone on campus involved socially as much as possible. Even in the time of COVID, MVNU still puts on events to connect students while in the midst of confusion and uncertainty. 

One of the most social parts of being a part of MVNU’s student body is activities related to Residence Life (Res Life). Res life also puts on a lot of events that connect students together including the Res Life Games. Some of these events are events like a Tug of War contest, a boat race, and The Rezzies. The Rezzies are “a video contest between residence areas and commuters. 


Virtual Homecoming 

November 9, 2020 I Mackenzie Holder 

Every year students, staff, and alumni look forward to one certain weekend on campus where they can all join together to celebrate. This year, we will still come together and make great memories . . . just in a different way. MVNU will be holding virtual homecoming this coming weekend beginning on Nov. 13. Starting today, social media contests will be going on where you have the opportunity to win fun prize packs. 


Activities will begin on Friday with a special homecoming chapel at 10:20 a.m. At 6 p.m., Virtual homecoming will officially kick off on Youtube Premiere. You can experience the queen's court presentation, men's and women's basketball games, music department concerts, and so many more great things coming up this weekend. 


If you are wanting to see a schedule of all the events happening during virtual homecoming,  make sure to check out but know the schedule is subject to change. Also, make sure you are watching all of MVNU’s social media accounts for your chance to win some great prizes leading up to virtual homecoming.

Even during difficult times, there are so many people who want to exercise in a gymnasium to forget about their problems and to stay healthy and active. After a few weeks of closing off workout areas on the MVNU campus, the gymnasium is finally reopened for anybody who wants to workout.

According to the MVNU’s men’s and women’s track coach, Ellis Galion stated in the video update for Student Life ( that, “The Gyms on the weekdays will be open from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., and then there will be a break between for the athletic teams, and then they will reopen again from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. On the weekends, Saturday and Sunday, they will open up from 1 to 6 p.m. 

Reopening the Gyms 

October 5, 2020 I Colin Berg 

Illuminating Christ: Youth Group Led by MVNU Students

Mount Vernon Nazarene University offers many opportunities for students to connect and worship God, but three MVNU students envisioned something more for the campus. That vision prompted sophomores Micah Tuggle, Luke Jungeberg, and Katie Cundiff to start a youth group for their peers, though they didn’t plan on it specifically.

“It started off as us just playing music together,” said Micah Tuggle, an exercise science major. “Then we started talking about how cool it would be to get together and have a little small group, because we felt like it was something we needed and would help us.” He went on to say that they had no idea their gathering, which started out

with a few friends, would turn into a youth group.

November 2, 2020 I Ellie Perry 

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