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Candidates Elected To Lead Class Councils

April 27, 2022 By Allison Prouty

MVNU’s Student Government Association welcomes next academic year’s class councils and appointed leadership.  Students could vote for their class council from Feb. 15-17.Class councils consist of a class president, administrative director, class ministries director and an events director. Current freshmen, sophomores and juniors vote on their representatives for next year.

The candidate with the most votes wins the position. The SGA constitution says that students who wish to run for class council positions must be students who have lived on campus for at least one semester. Students also must have at least a 2.3 GPA or higher, support MVNU’s mission, and the MVNU community and lifestyle guidelines. 

Next year’s sophomore class will be represented by Evan Hodkinson as class president, Jadon Bird as class ministries director and Lilian Volk as their events director. There will be a new election in fall 2022 for the administrative director position.

The junior class elected Logan Kazelman as class president, Colton Sisler as administrative director, Zane Risser as class ministries director and Rebecca Bash as their events director.

The seniors voted in Bailey Plott as class president and Hannah Brandenstein as their events director. There will be a new election in fall 2022 for their administrative director and ministries director positions.

Elections are held in the fall for the newest freshman class.The appointed positions are made up of an administrative chairperson, media chairperson, vice president of marketing and an events chairperson. These positions are decided by an interviewing and voting process within the SGA. Students apply to these positions, and if selected are interviewed by a board of three outgoing SGA members, the Director of Campus Life (Tiffany Van Dame) and one other faculty member.

After the interview process is finished, only the outgoing SGA members cast votes to decide on the appointed positions.

Maggie Little was chosen to be the administrative chairperson, Olivia Allen was appointed to be the media chairperson, Gracie Middaugh will be the VP of marketing, and Zoe Bricker will be the events chairperson.


Inspiration Shared at Spring Revival

April 27, 2022 By MacKenzie Holder

During the week of March 28, spring revival was hosted on Mount Vernon Nazarene University’s campus. Students gathered in the chapel to celebrate the theme of sacred time and sacred spaces. The week was full of student-led worship services and speakers. Spring revival 2022 included four different services along with a worship night. Speakers during spring revival included Sarah Meek, Scott Sharpes, Noah Robbins, and Joseph Hurst.


Robbins talked about spring revival and where the idea of sacred time and sacred spaces came from. He then explained how he and the committee came about this idea. He stated, “We were looking around campus and how much we love this community, how we are shaped by it and the friendships we’ve made. We also noticed there was something lacking in our attitude that we are missing out on some sacredness within us.” Robbins continued to share about this theme, stating, “We noticed that there was a hole in the way we approach life and chapel. There is something that is lost, and that is where I am standing -- with the lack of something, a hole I can't figure out how to fill.”

Students walked through this journey together during spring revival trying to figure out how to fill that void and hole that many students are constantly feeling. Through chapel services and worship nights, students gathered together to be there for each other on this journey and allowed themselves to know that we don’t have to have everything figured out. 

Getting to Know the Cast and Crew of Anne of Green Gables

April 2, 2022 Dylan Elliott

Did you know that MVNU has a musical coming up? If you didn’t, now is your chance to know about it. The musical is called “Anne of Green Gables.” The dates for the performances are April 7-9. 


One of the people who is associated with the musical is Laura Beth Hurst, who is one of the directors as well as the choreographer. When asked about how Hurst got involved with producing the musical, her response was, “Zack Sherman and Elizabeth Barrett reached out to me to ask if I was interested in joining them to help throw together a show in the spring.” She said, “It’s been a while since we’ve had a show, [because] Covid really threw a huge wrench in that plan.” She later added that, “[They] wanted to start this season out with a bang, so it was just too good of an opportunity to pass up.”


Hurst also shared a little bit into her history in musicals. “I participated in almost every theatre production that we had at MVNU.” She also added that she double majored in theatre and music. When asked about what performances she was in, her response was, “Leader of the Pack and Freaky Friday.”


When asked about what she would tell people if they were on the fence or participating in the musical, her response was just simply two words -- “Do it!” She continued, “There’s nothing like the experience of [participating in] a musical.” “We have people in this musical that have never been in one before.” She later said that “If you’re on the fence, don’t be; hop off that fence and do it.”


Hurst was asked about what the musical is about. “Anne is an orphan who is adopted by a brother and sister who are old. They live on Green Gables, which is on an island in Canada. She transforms this little community, and the brother and sister fall in love with her.” She also added that it is a show that is family friendly.


Another person who is associated with the musical is Mallory Thomas, who is playing the role of Gertie Pye who is a 10-year-old citizen of Avonlea and is the sister of Josie Pye. She is also in the schoolchildren ensemble. When asked about why she participates in musicals, she said, “Music is near and dear to my heart, so it’s the thing that I like to do at the end of a long stressful day, [and also] to just hang out with my friends and do what we love.” When asked about how long she’s participated in musicals, she said, “I started my freshman year of high school, and now I’m a junior in college, so I would say about six years in total.”


When asked about what makes Anne of Green Gables so fun to be in, she answered, “The people that I get to work with. I knew most of the people who were in the cast, but I have made friends within the cast and the crew who I wouldn’t have met otherwise, and we’re finishing the production as best friends.” She also added that there are a total of about 27 cast members. 

MVNU Campus Vs. Mother Nature 

April 12, 2022 Anna Dudgeon

The classic battle of Mother Nature against humankind raged this year on the campus of Mount Vernon Nazarene University.  

When asked about the challenge of keeping the grounds clean and cleared this winter, Corey Hitchman, MVNU groundskeeper, stated that “The ice was a struggle and more dangerous than the snow . . . [it wasn’t] something I’m used to seeing.” All things considered, however, Hitchman was quoted saying, “This winter was not as bad as previous winters.”


Hitchman has a staff of four full time workers, however, that were able to combat the ice effectively. In addition to dealing with ice, Hitchman commented that as a team, the staff had made great progress when it came to “[improving] the community fields and sports fields and “[learning] more about maintaining the turf field.” 

Despite the fact that staffing issues have been a prevalent issue, Hitchman was “thankful and happy to say that we have had zero turnover in regard to our full-time employees.” In fact, in the summer months, Hitchman has a crew of six student workers who pitch in to help around campus as well as volunteers from local churches and goodwill. “I [would] estimate about 100 hours of volunteer help” Hitchman added. Students and the community are eager to lend a helping hand, echoing the values of MVNU: To Seek To Learn is to Seek to Serve.

Even with all of this additional help in keeping campus safe and kept up, however, Hitchman still is facing the ever-present struggle against the gophers that plague the campus. 

“I am in an endless and frustrating war,” Hitchman said. “It is a challenge . . . and they are currently winning the battle.” Hitchman added he had no intention of giving up anytime soon. All things considered, Hitchman said “[it] was a good year.”

Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration

February 20, 2022 Colin Berg

The annual Martin Luther King Jr. celebration breakfast is an event that’s hosted by Mount Vernon Nazarene University and Kenyon College. The ceremony celebrates nineteen years of uniting our community in the celebration of one of our greatest statesmen and agents of change, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The theme for the event is built on a quote from the powerful words of Poet Amanda Gorman which says, “In this year of yearning, we are learning”. Due to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 Omicron variant, the planning committee decided to have a virtual event on Jan. 17th, at 10:00 am. Dr. Angelle M. Jones was chosen to be the guest speaker at the event, she’s an Adjunct Professor at Mount Vernon Nazarene University and founder of Global Life Coaching and Consulting, where she serves as a Church Consultant on race relations in the church.

Dr. Jones grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and she holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in African American studies from the University of Cincinnati. She also has a master’s degree in theological studies from Columbia Theological Seminary in Atlanta, Georgia, and an earned Doctorate in Ministry on the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his philosophy of The Beloved Community from United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio. A day to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr., one of America’s greatest heroes who changed our country for the better of humankind.

Lil Sibs Weekend

February 20, 2022 Allison Prouty

Lil Sibs Weekend brought 118 younger siblings of MVNU students to campus on January 14 and 15.


Cheryl Sharpes, Associate Director of Admissions Visits & Events, said that this is the highest attendance of Lil Sibs Weekend in the past 8 years. During Little Sibs Weekend, MVNU welcomes the younger siblings of MVNU students to campus for a weekend of fun. 


This year, students ate dinner in the cafeteria with their sibling on Friday night, followed by dodgeball in Ariel Arena. On Saturday morning, the siblings enjoyed a pancake breakfast. Later, they ate pizza for lunch before heading back to Ariel Arena to watch the Men’s Basketball game against Indiana Wesleyan University.


The siblings also had some fun trying for a chance to win some MVNU merch at halftime. Every sibling went home with an MVNU t-shirt and a rally towel.


Sharpes said that Admissions hopes that the Lil Sibs “enjoy a weekend with their MVNU sibling and see what an amazing campus community we have.”