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Esports Intramurals Coming Soon

February 2, 2023 | Isaac Curtis
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Esports picture 2.jpg

MVNU Esports is bringing action to all students as the program expands. Community-based intramurals for several games will be available starting this semester!


Beginning this semester, the MVNU Esports program will be hosting tournaments that you and your friends can participate in for fun. These tournaments will be an opportunity for students outside the program to enjoy themselves. Two games that will be featured in these tournaments are Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros.


The MVNU Esports program has had six teams who have competed against other colleges for four years now. However, Coach Kyler Curtis doesn’t want to limit the program to just the Esports players. He said, “This opens our doors to more than just varsity-level competition. Many students on campus love video games but may be intimidated by the level of competition that our varsity-level teams play at.” 


Dates have not been decided yet but will be posted in advance on MVNU Esports’ social media, which is under @MVNUEsports. So get ready and invite a friend for some friendly competition!

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