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Men’s Lacrosse senior highlight
By Dylan Elliott

The men’s lacrosse season is quickly coming to an end, and for many, their careers are coming to an end. For seniors Matt Quire, Brett Townsend, Joshua Jerome, Dakotah Marshall, Luke Modesto, Preston Barnes, Aaron Woods, Zach Wigton, Cayden Coffman, Micah Rex and Kaelin Tran, the sport that they have loved so dearly is coming to a close. 

Senior, Joshua Jerome, a criminal justice major who is getting his master’s degree in organizational leadership, mentions how this has been one of his favorite teams that he’s ever played on, “This is my favorite team because of the connection we have made throughout the years,” mentions Jerome. “We have had each other’s back through the good, the bad and the ugly.” “These guys have helped me as a man, a brother, a leader and an athlete.” “I wouldn’t trade this team for anything.” 

Senior, Zach Wigton, a biology major with a focus on becoming a veterinarian, talks about some of his favorite memories that he has made throughout the years, “A lot of people think the long away trips are awful, but they tend to be pretty fun,” said Wigton. “The bus rides are fun, the hotel rooms are fun because we are such a close group of guys.” 

Finally, senior, Cayden Coffman, an exercise science major with a minor in psychology

, talks about why he decided to come to MVNU. “I picked Mount Vernon first because it’s close to home,” said Coffman. “I live in Coshocton, so it is only about forty-five minutes away.” Coffman also mentions how he didn’t originally come here to play lacrosse. “I actually came here to play reserve soccer,” mentions Coffman. “My high school didn’t have lacrosse, so I came here to play soccer.” He also mentions how one of his teammates influenced him to switch to lacrosse. “Matthew Quire, a fellow senior, was on my floor, and he said, ‘Why don’t you come play lacrosse?’ I said sure why not.” 

Even though their careers are coming to an end, the impact that they have made on the program will be felt for many years to come!

Senior Spotlight: MVNU Men’s Basketball
By: Dylan Elliott

Basketball season has ended for five MVNU men’s basketball team seniors. For all five of them, basketball is something that they always looked forward to. Now, the sport that they’ve played since they were little is over forever.

    Seniors Bailey Conrad, Jack Kahoun, Kade Ruegsegger, Jeaustin Solis and Carter Pline were recently honored for their contributions to the program. Each one of them has left an impact on the team throughout their careers.

    Kahoun, a senior from Oswego, Ill, transferred in from Trinity International after the school shut down. The senior played in 24 games and averaged 1.6 ppg. He is also majoring in criminal justice and hopes to become a police officer. When asked about why he chose to come to MVNU, “I came to MVNU because Trinity International shut down,” said Kahoun. “I went back into getting recruited, and Coach Ronai reached out to me, and we went from there.”

    Kahoun also talked about what their mantra “Rule Cougar” stands for. “The Rule Cougar stands for who we are going to become,” mentioned Kahoun. “We are constantly becoming better people. It means a lot to me. It's my first year in the program; and just learning about relentless effort and having great body language every single day is great just to be reminded of that every single day!”

    Kahoun also shared his favorite memories that he has made here at MVNU. “There have been so many memories that I have made with this team,” said Kahoun. “My favorite one is probably the barnstorming trip. We were consistently together for a couple of days. We did a lot of fun things, and we got to know each other.”

    Bailey Conrad, a senior from Corydon, IN, transferred to MVNU from The Citadel. Conrad played in 28 games and averaged 11 ppg. He is majoring in business management and is also coming back for another year, despite being honored on senior night. Conrad talked about why he chose to come to MVNU. “I had been at Western Kentucky for two years, and then I transferred to The Citadel for a year,” Conrad mentioned. “Things just really didn’t work out there because they brought in a brand-new coach. I entered back into the portal; and Coach Ronai, who had recruited me in high school, reached out, and all of the programs worked out perfectly for me.”

    Conrad mentioned why he chose to major in business management. “My dad has a business,” said Conrad. “Me and my wife, Hannah, have always wanted to start our own business.”

    Conrad also mentioned why he chose to play for Coach Ronai. “I have had a lot of coaches,” said Conrad. “I have had four coaches in three years. With Coach Ronai, I can tell the difference between other programs and this program. Every program is different, but I see a big difference in the way we treat it more like a family.”

    Even though their careers are over, the memories that they have made playing basketball will last a lifetime!

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