SGA Freshman Elections 

November 25, 2021 Allison Prouty

MVNU’s Student Government Association has announced their Freshman Class Council. Primary elections were held November 1-3, and the final election was held November 4-6. The announcement of the Freshman Class Council was made to the freshman class November 8th.

Tiffany Van Dame, Director of Campus Life, explained that the elections process begins when students sign up for the position that they want to fill. “Students interested in class council sign up for what position they are interested. If there are more than two people for a position, a primary election is held to narrow that number down to two. After that, the final election will be held. Class councils are only voted on by each respective class. For example, only freshman voted in the freshman council elections, not the entire student body.” For this election, a primary election was held for freshmen to vote on their class president and ministries director.

The following students make up the 2021-2022 Freshman Class Council:

Evan Hodkinson was elected to be the Freshman Class President. He said he knew he wanted to run when he realized that becoming Freshman Class President “could be an opportunity to genuinely change the university and the class of 2025.” Hodkinson to make MVNU a place where all students can grow in faith and feel like a safe place for students to learn and grow. “No matter where a person is in their spiritual journey with God, I want MVNU to be a place where they can take that next step,” said Hodkinson. “I want to discover new ways to make MVNU more inclusive. By making MVNU more inclusive and united, I want MVNU to not only feel like college but a home where everyone is accepted,” said Hodkinson.

Jadon Bird is the Freshman Ministries Director. A Youth and Family Ministry major, Bird said “I know I was called ministry. And I just love sharing the love of Christ with others. Something recently that’s really been on my heart is being intentional with people and show they have value and worth and that comes from Christ. And I just wanted to share that with my fellow classmates.” He wants to accomplish this by holding worship nights, for freshman to get involved and worship together as a class. Bird said he wants to see more opportunities for the Freshman class to serve and work together, and he’s looking to use his position as a chance to create these opportunities. “I'm just excited to work with everyone and serve with friends here at MVNU, and I'm excited for all of us to be the people that God's created us to be,” said Bird.

Joci Totten, Freshman Administrative Director, says that she gained some leadership experience in high school as the secretary and treasurer of her FFA club. She describes herself as a “very organized person,” which will be important for her position as Administrative Director. She will take minutes during meetings and make sure meetings are organized. Totten will also be helping the SGA put together events, such as worship nights. She wanted to remind students to “just keep having fun. I know college is hard. So just make sure you give yourself some free time and some time to catch up on sleep.”

Lilian Volk, Freshman Events Director, knew she wanted to serve the student body after serving in different leadership roles through high school. “I wanted to be a part of the change and the behind the scenes. To me that meant running for events director, with the intentions of being able to plan fun and amazing opportunities for the Freshman class,” said Volk. As Events Director, Volk will plan events that help students have fun and create lasting memories that students can look back on, long after they’ve left MVNU. She wants these events to help students get to know their classmates better. “I encourage [students] to go to that basketball game, go to that small group meeting, or whatever event we have going on! Just make sure to get involved! Stay tuned for some fun events coming up!” said Volk. She also runs the Instagram page for the MVNU Class of 2025 (@MVNU2025), which she encourages students to follow to see features on freshman students and to learn about events. Visit to stay up to date with the MVNU SGA and their elections.

Women’s Soccer Team: Eyes on Improvement

The MVNU women’s soccer team has begun a new era this year. After several of their starters graduated last year, Coach Sarah Maracani has eyes on improvement as the team plays this season. She said, “Expectations are always high like they are every year, but our main goal is to improve every single game.” Even though the season started with some tough road games against ranked teams, she is proud of the improvement that the team has had so far. 

Senior Brookelynn Semmelroth stated, “We’ve been able to learn a lot from how we’ve played, so I think we’ve been able to hit that stride, so that we can be where we need to be to make it to nationals.” 


Junior Centerback MacKenzie Thorne added, “There have been moments where it’s taken us a little time to get into our groove, but we’re working on it.” She also said, “I’m expecting us to work hard, go far and have a good time doing it!”

As the team heads into the conference season, the team is preparing for some competitive games, but they are ready for the challenge. 

Maracani said, “Expectations are still high in the conference, even though it’s a very competitive league, which I think makes it a fun league, too.”

In addition to the improvement taking place on the field, Maracani loves the bond that the team has off the field. She stated, “The girls have done a really good job just collaborating, being together and supporting each other. That’s been the biggest thing we’ve really enjoyed so far. It’s definitely a fun group to be a part of, so hopefully that can continue to translate on the field with our team chemistry as well.” 

Semmelroth added, “I’m looking forward to seeing how that bond (off the field) is going to translate on the field and how we are able to connect and how that shows in our play.” 

Junior Ashley Townsend is focusing on enjoying every moment of the season, since she said that sometimes the fun part gets lost when playing competitive sports. She said, “We have a great program and a really great group of girls. It’s a fun atmosphere, and I’m excited for what’s ahead for us.” As the MVNU women’s soccer team continues to make strides toward their full potential, their bond with one another will continue to grow, which will guide them as they keep their eyes on a trip to nationals.

October 10, 2021  Mike Basko



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Art Displays

On the campus of MVNU, students are not particularly aware of the art being created in the Buchwald building in downtown Mt. Vernon. As of now, the art program has not had too much attention paid to it on the main campus. Students in the art program are all for seeing some of their art displayed in more than just the Buchwald Center. 

Senior art student, Abbi Hurst shared her thoughts on the relationship between the art department and MVNU, “I feel that since Buchwald is off-campus, the art department is out of everyone else’s minds.”. The next step is to make students on-campus aware of the artwork being created in Buchwald.


Junior art student Meg Carter answered, “The best way to make people aware of what’s happening in Buchwald is to bring some of it to campus.”. Students in the art program have plenty of art worth displaying, but a lot of work goes unseen. “With a lot of projects, they get discarded and shoved into a closet. Instead, we could have some of them displayed on campus.” Carter said.  


 The idea of art being brought on campus seems like something that students support. Senior communications major, Brogan Campbell thinks it is nice that art students have their own space, but he also thinks it would be awesome to see their work while walking through the caf and the chapel.


Senior accounting major, Makylee Poole said, “That’s a great idea. The walls on campus need spiced up anyways.”. She added another plus to the idea by mentioning that it is a good way to support students and the work they are putting in.

Hurst then talked about the value that art can bring to students on campus, “I think it’s a different way for people to see themselves in a way they wouldn’t normally see.” Hurst said that when she goes to a gallery, she tries to put herself into the artist’s work. She is able to learn more about herself that way, and she often applies this method into her own work. She said, “It’s an outlet for people on campus to learn things outside of their major".

Students support the idea of bringing artwork to campus, but there is still art to be seen downtown, in the Buchwald Center. From Nov. 22 to Dec. 9, Victoria Ogg will be featured in the Schnormeier Gallery located in Buchwald. Her work is meant to highlight the natural female figure by being presented in Victorian and Georgian fashion. To learn more about Ogg’s work, she will be giving her gallery talk on Dec. 2.

November 25, 2021 Grant Hauger