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October 17, 2020 I Ellie Perry 

Illuminating Christ: Youth Group Led by MVNU Students

Mount Vernon Nazarene University offers many

opportunities for students to connect and worship

God, but three MVNU students envisioned

something more for the campus. That vision

prompted sophomores Micah Tuggle, Luke

Jungeberg, and Katie Cundiff to start a youth

group for their peers, though they didn’t plan

on it specifically.

“It started off as us just playing music together,”

said Micah Tuggle, an exercise science major. “

Then we started talking about how cool it would

be to get together and have a little small group,

because we felt like it was something we needed

and would help us.” He went on to say that they

had no idea their gathering, which started out

with a few friends, would turn into a youth group.

Luke Jungeberg, also studying exercise science,

said that he believes God called him to MVNU for

a purpose, but it was unclear to him what exactly

that purpose was his freshman year. “However,”

he added, “This year I truly believe that this is

what God was talking about when I felt Him

speaking to me on my visit here.”

Katie Cundiff, a communication sciences and disorders major, shared her experience. “Luke had talked to me in the summer about starting up a ministry that would operate like a youth group, and I jumped on board immediately.” Cundiff went on to say that her youth group back home played a major role in her walk with Christ and “shaping me to be the Christ-follower that I am today.”As one can imagine, planning a youth group in the midst of COVID-19 might be difficult at times, given social distancing rules and masking, but the three students were up to the task. “We hold our group outside at Ariel Foundation Park,” said Jungeberg. “The tables are 6 feet apart, and we encourage everyone to wear masks.” Jungeberg and Cundiff added that they encourage people to stick with their family groups as well.

The three students each had something different to share when asked how they managed to host a youth group on top of their schoolwork and other campus activities. “This has proven to be the biggest challenge yet,” admitted Tuggle. “It was very stressful getting started. There is always going to be problems and conflict, but when we work through it and see what God is doing in the group, it makes it all worth it." “I think I speak for all of us when I say that we feel blessed and are thankful to have God’s light be shed!” said Cundiff. She also mentioned that they wouldn’t be able to pull it off without two of their friends, Madison Powers and Drew Aljancic, who work behind the scenes for them. They help come up with ideas for the group, driving them back and forth, and help carry all the supplies needed to make the youth group happen. “Basically they are great support systems and we couldn’t do it without them,” added Cundiff.

Their youth group, which they named Illuminate, meets every Sunday night at 8:30 p.m. at the event center in Ariel Foundation Park. Go check out their page on Instagram: @illuminate3_

Although most students are fired up and ready to come back to

college, some of the dumpsters on campus are fired up as well.

A few weeks ago, there was a dumpster that caught on fire due

to reasons unknown. According to Michaela Bruce, Resident

Director of apartments Cedar, Birch and Spruce, “The cause is

unknown, but the fire marshal said it could have been something

as small as a cigarette.” 

It is also unknown whether the dumpster fire was intentional or unintentional. Luckily the only damage the fire made was the dumpster itself, as some students,as well as the RD, alerted Safety Services who called the Mount Vernon Fire Department. Bruce also stated that “There are no further investigations to my knowledge, but we are doing our best work with the Mount Vernon Fire Department to make sure something like this does not happen again. 

“This is why a lot of the fire rings were taken away for now. We want to regroup and make sure we can responsibly have fires,” said Bruce. I guess you can say that 2020 has been a heated year. 

Dumpster Dives, Drives and Fires

September 20, 2020 Colin Berg

MVNU Cross Country Teams Approaching the Starting Line


It’s just about cross country time here at MVNU,

as both the men’s and the women’s teams are

getting ready to start their seasons. Head coach

Simon Taylor is looking forward to seeing the

improvements that have been made by the

athletes on the course. “Both of our men’s and

women’s teams got better from where we were last

year,” said Taylor. “Both teams should be good

this year; our men are young but have a lot of talent,

and our women have a nice mix of youth and senior

leadership.” That leadership is something that senior

Kayla Shackleford embraces. 


Even with the excitement and expectations, there have been some challenges trying to put together the teams. COVID has brought many challenges this year, which has led to finding a balance of safety and athletics. When speaking on the precautions the team will be making, Taylor said,  “Masks will be required on the bus rides, but not while our athletes are competing.It would be a safety hazard to have runners wear masks while they race.”


COVID presented additional challenges Coach Taylor had to face. “COVID made recruiting difficult,” Taylor said. “We were unable to have recruits on campus, which is normally a big part of the process.” Explaining the recruiting process, Taylor stated, “We were unable to attend track meets in the spring of this year, and normally I go to meets and watch recruits race.”


Coach Taylor is often faced with the question of why we never have home cross country meets. The simple answer is we do not have a home course here at MVNU. We only have away meets every year due to that reason. One good thing about away meets is the chance at making memories with your teammates. When asked what her favorite memory was from a meet, Shackleford has a hard time picking her favorite. “There are too many memories to choose from, but I’d say that our meet in Michigan with Aquinas College was so much fun and a lot of shenanigans happened on that trip,” said Shackelford.


As the sun sets on her cross country career, Shackleford offered advice to the underclassmen, “I would tell the underclassmen to cherish these days. Everyone says that these years go by quickly, and it’s true. Tthe miles are not going to be what you remember. The time spent laughing with your teammates, making ice cream runs after practice, team dinners, and everything in between will be what you’ll remember, so make sure to make the most of it and be fully present with them.”

September 20, 2020  Matt Harden 

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