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A Trio of Terrific Tunes: Fall 2022 Senior Recitals December 12, 2022 : Mallory Thomas 

Emma Harvey, Bailey Niedermier, and Mallory Thomas, close friends and voice students at MVNU, recently celebrated all of their hard work throughout their music careers by presenting their senior recitals.

The senior recital partially satisfies degree requirements for all music majors, but non-majors who privately study voice or an instrument may also present a recital with the approval of the music department’s faculty. Music students work with their instructors and accompanists to design a program consisting of pieces in various languages and genres to showcase everything they learned in front of friends and family.

Harvey, senior Music Education major, kicked off this semester’s recital season with her recital, “Night of Stars,” on Nov. 12. She recounted the memories of the day and talked about “the hugs of family, tears from best friends and the attempt to get a friend to laugh so he’d smile for a picture.” Harvey concluded her recital with a duet titled “Flight” with Génesis Mena-Cruz, one of her best friends. In addition to sharing her gift, Harvey enjoyed “getting to spend time with the people who mean the most.”

Thomas, senior Communication and Media major with a minor in Music, performed her voluntary recital, “Take Me To The World,” on Nov. 19. Thomas elaborated on why she chose to give a recital, explaining how she “put in all this hard work and didn’t want all that progress to go unnoticed.” Thomas presented works by well-known composers such as Ludwig van Beethoven, Claude Debussy, George Friedrich Händel, Franz Schubert and others from various musical periods and genres.

Both Harvey and Thomas held a private reception after their respective performances to relax and recognize their hard work with friends and family. Harvey particularly enjoyed her dad’s buffalo chicken dip, and Thomas feasted on rainbow sherbet punch since both students avoided dairy for the week leading up to their performances to keep their voices in good shape.

Niedermier, another senior Music Education major, performed her recital, “Journey to the Past,” on Nov. 20 with her friends and family in the audience for support. As she recapped the performance, Niedermier remarked, “Everything really came full circle for me during my performance. It will be a day I will never forget.” Niedermier’s vocal strength lies in the musical theater genre, so several of her songs came from well-known shows like The Little Mermaid and Anastasia.

Thomas graduates in a few weeks and will start her exciting new job on Dec. 27, and Harvey and Niedermier will take on the new challenge of student teaching in the spring. While their senior music recitals represent the end of their private music study, the performances also represent the beginning of an exciting new chapter full of new experiences.

Introducing the Freshman Class Council December 12, 2022 : Allison Prouty 

Mount Vernon Nazarene University’s Student Government Association has announced their new Freshman Class Council members for the 2022-2023 school year. Freshmen were able to vote for their class president, administrative director, events director, and ministries director. Final elections were held Oct. 27-29.


Tiffany Van Dame, Director of Residence Life and Student Accountability, serves as an advisor to the SGA. She said that students interested in serving start by filling out an application for their desired position. A primary election occurs only if more than two students apply for a position. The primary election narrows down the candidates so that only two students are on the final ballot. Van Dame said that “We had to hold a primary election for all positions this year, and then the top two were voted on in the final election.” Only freshmen can vote on their class council.


Emma More was elected class president. “In high school, I was class president all four years and NHS president for two. I have really missed being super involved in school events and saw SGA as an opportunity to get involved at MVNU,” said More. She hopes to make everyone feel included on campus. As class president, she serves as the voice of the freshman class while leading their class council. Together, they will address concerns that freshmen have about campus and plan events for both the freshman class and the whole student body. More said that “I would love to express my appreciation and gratitude to the freshman class for giving me this opportunity to serve them by electing me president. I won't let them down.”


Zane Shultz was chosen by the freshman class to be their administrative director. In this role, he will keep track of the records that come from SGA meetings, and he’ll be responsible for the finances involving class events. Shultz will also help plan events, including securing locations for them and finalizing costs. He hopes to work with freshman class ministries director Will Meyers to help plan ministry-centered events on campus. Shultz said that “I look forward to serving this great group of students, and planning events that everyone will enjoy!”

Archaeology Students Prepare to Open Excavations of Biblical City December 12, 2022 : Cat Dugan 

Bible and Archaeology minors at Mount Vernon Nazarene University will travel to Israel next summer as a core component of their academic program. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, MVNU has postponed this trip for the past three years. To compensate for lost revenue, travel companies have inflated their prices, leading these 11 students to seek additional financial support beyond their network and MVNU’s Financial Aid Office.

The trip will span between June 15 and July 10, 2023. Residing in a Kibbutz community during their stay, students will enjoy local cuisine and visit biblical landmarks. MVNU’s cohort was invited to open excavations of Hazor, a Canaanite city whose destruction is documented in the book of Joshua. 

 Dr. Michael VanZant, archaeologist and professor of Biblical Literature, has led his students on multiple trips to the Holy Land. As he approaches the end of his teaching career, this excavation trip will be his final assignment as a professor at MVNU. He fondly recalls the excitement of students seeing the land that they have studied for the first time. “Students who have traveled with me in the past found that the Bible came alive,” Dr. VanZant said. He considers this trip to be a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” for these students to “improve their preaching and teaching.”

Not only will this archaeology trip enable these students to graduate, but this trip will also immerse the 11 students in the Israeli culture for nearly a month, forever changing their worldviews. Those who feel led to donate can do so through the Linktree in the School of Christian Ministry’s Instagram or Facebook, both found under @mvnuscm.

Looking Ahead to the Spring Musical  December 12, 2022 : Faith West 

This spring, Mount Vernon Nazarene University’s theater department will bring magic to the stage and community with their production of Rogers and Hammerstein’s “Cinderella”. According to Director Zachary Sherman, this script is the newest musical adaptation of the classic tale and promises the directing team many magical elements and exciting characters to bring to life. 


When asked what sets this iteration of Cinderella apart from other plays and movies by the same name, Sherman mentioned that this script adds more characters to the story and also reframes many of the iconic characters from the original version. He stated, “I think this new script does a really good job of making Prince Charming a little more human, and [it’s] exciting to have a character with more dimensions to work with.” Sherman also added that in this musical adaptation, Cinderella will have a more active role than she did in earlier versions of the story and will "take some matters into her own hands.”


In addition to bringing these characters to life, the directing team is also looking forward to displaying some of the magical elements this show has to offer. Sherman discussed that the script includes many spectacular scenes and transformations that he believes will be very exciting for his directing team to put together, especially since this production will be held at Memorial Theater. He mentioned that in this space, there will be more room for these transformations as well as other theatrical aspects including dancing, sets and props. 


If you are interested in seeing the magical tale of Cinderella brought to life on the stage of Memorial Theater in downtown Mount Vernon, be sure to mark your calendars for April 14-15, 2023. 

MVNU Partners with Food For The Hungry to Feed Knox County

December 12, 2022 : Allison Prouty 

Every year since 1995, MVNU has partnered with Food For The Hungry in their goal of “Working Together to Care for our Neighbors.” Food For The Hungry is an organization of community leaders that come together to raise food and funds to fight food insecurity in Knox County. A variety of events are held throughout the county in November and December, culminating in the Drive Day, which is Friday, Dec. 9 this year. On Drive Day, a broadcast is held on from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. to share updates on fundraising totals and highlight local community members and organizations and their contributions to the county, while several collection points are opened around Knox County where residents can drop off donations throughout the day.


There are many ways for MVNU students to get involved to help their neighbors in the community that they live in and study in. They can donate money directly to or bring cash or a check payable to MVNU at the Marketing Department (Attention: Samantha Scoles) on the lower level of the Academic Services Building. 


You don’t have to give large amounts of money to help. Marcy Rinehart, WNZR Station Manager and Food For The Hungry Board Member and Broadcast Committee Chair, said that just $1 can have a huge impact. Local food pantries, such as the Salvation Army and Interchurch Social Services, can purchase food from the Mid Ohio Food Collection (formerly known as the Mid Ohio Food Bank). A $1 donation becomes $5.22 worth of food. “Your $1 is powerful and [is] a very important part of the Food For The Hungry story. I have seen God use those dollars to change lives every year through this amazing project,” said Rinehart.


Students can also buy a coffee at Happy Bean on MVNU’s campus from Nov. 28 to Dec. 2, where 10 percent of proceeds will go to FFTH. Volunteers are also needed on Drive Day. Historically, many MVNU students have participated in the broadcast itself by running cameras, creating commercials, and recording and editing entertainment videos shown in the broadcast, but have also helped at collection points and in many other valuable ways. If you’re interested in contributing to Food For The Hungry by donating your time, contact Marcy Rinehart at

Intel's New Semiconductor Plant December 12, 2022 : Henry Shobert

Set to begin construction this year, Intel’s new semiconductor plant coming to Licking County will provide new opportunities for students across the state, along with a boost to Ohio’s economy.


Dr. LeeAnn H. Couts, professor of psychology and dean of the school of natural and social sciences at MVNU, offered insight into the impact the institution of the plant will have on students. She explained “Through our Intel-supported partnerships with Kent State University and the Ohio-southwest Alliance on Semiconductors and Integrated Scalable-Manufacturing (OASIS), which includes institutions such as the University of Cincinnati, Wright State University, University of Dayton, and Miami University, our students will receive hands-on technical training in semiconductor manufacturing and cleanroom protocols.” She continued, “These opportunities will be offered through intensive summer programs, hybrid immersive experiences, short courses, micro-credentialing, and virtual reality simulations.”


Not only is there going to be a large impact on students throughout the state, but the plant is also going to largely influence local communities as well. Couts discussed some of the positives, “For starters, Intel plans to bring 3,000 new jobs to the area. They not only include positions in engineering but also many other fields. What is more, many companies are likely to follow Intel and move into the central Ohio area, bringing even more employment opportunities with them. This should boost Ohio’s economy.” Along with the positives, however, Couts discussed some of the cons that will come with the plant. She said, “Unfortunately, we will likely see an increase in the population of central Ohio, so small communities like Mount Vernon should grow. The increase in population will also likely mean stiff competition for resources, such as real estate, which will likely drive prices higher.”


Intel’s semiconductor plant coming to Licking County is bound to generate new opportunities for students and communities across Ohio. Construction of the plant is set to begin by the end of this year, with an expected completion date set for 2025.

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