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Welcoming the New President 
By Sam Henthorn

Mount Vernon Nazarene University has its traditions that it holds; however, one of the most notable recent ones is the mark of a new era for MVNU with the inauguration of a new president. On April 3, the welcoming of Dr. Carson Castleman was celebrated with his inauguration into the role of MVNU President. In the chapel, students and faculty alike joined together to give this warm welcome to Castleman. His wife, Dr. Angela Castleman, was present, as well as David Mills, the vice president of spiritual life.

Faculty and staff came from all over campus and beyond to celebrate this special moment. Laurie Cellar, senior human resource specialist at MVNU said that apart from the music and ceremony, she enjoyed hearing encouraging statements about the new president, “Those who spoke offered confirmation of his character and enthusiasm for the vision he has for MVNU in the days ahead,” she said.

It was all a part of honoring Castleman, who stated, “As I designed the inauguration and had a phenomenal team that came to my side to help me, my number one goal was to make sure that Christ was edified and at the epicenter of it. I feel that happened. It was a holy time, in my opinion,” when he was interviewed by the campus radio station, WNZR. Castleman made one of the historic moments of MVNU a sight to behold. 

With this new job comes responsibility for Castleman, who has a goal in mind for MVNU moving forward. Castleman stated, “Mount Vernon is a great place for people to come and be a part of a community of faith that is committed to changing the world through the love of Christ,” adding this was his statement for his upcoming time as president. He wants to make the people who come, go, and are at MVNU to reflect God's love on the world. That is his vision of how he is going to run this campus. 

Sarah Scott, associate director of admission events, said that she was overjoyed by the inauguration. “The [inauguration] ceremony was beautiful, wonderful, spirit filled, and it really just gave me a good sense that we were in good hands,” said Scott. “Dr. Castleman is very excited to be here and to lead Mount Vernon.” Scott echoes this excitement to have Dr. Castleman back on campus with the rest of the community.

The inauguration was only the beginning of what Castleman wants to bring to the table. “I could sense the presence of Christ in that room,” Castleman stated, feeling that this was God’s plan for him.

Senior Artists Collect and Create 
By Abby Almodovar

The Buchwald Center for Art and Design glowed with vivid showcases of each student’s individual displays as crowds of viewers listened to them present. “Align,” this year’s senior exhibition, serves as the capstone and culmination of the departing students’ time at Mount Vernon Nazarene University. The first gallery talk took place on April 11, featuring Macy Varner, Andrea Hoagland, and Anna Dudgeon, with the second on April 12 highlighting Jessica Rummel, Lexi Gray, Emma Brown, and Rachel Root. 

During her gallery talk, Brown expressed her ultimate mission in creating —“My goal is to connect with others who have had similar experiences and to show that they are not alone.” 

Brown shared that her pieces, such as “My Bedroom,” often underline difficult and vulnerable topics with the aim of encouraging others to speak up about their own experiences. 

Brown’s use of materials and unconventional methods of collecting them emphasizes this theme. She described breaking down the items she finds “to show the rawness of the material and what it was before it was created into this beautiful thing. Like an office chair — it was fine when I found it in the dumpster, and then I completely ripped it apart to have the single form.” 

Collecting and transforming is also part of the process for Lexi Gray, who enjoys “taking things that are usually just thrown away and repurposing them.” 

In fact, 327 tennis ball halves were used for one of her pieces, the idea for which evolved out of simple curiosity to see what the inside of one looked like. Gray explained that this project involves “discovering newfound beauty,” in that each tennis ball works together to create a cohesive whole. 

Gray has just been named the senior recipient of the Esther Buchwald Award. She related, “It’s encouraging to get recognized for your art and know that you don’t have to be spending a lot of money on paints and canvases. You can use the materials others give you or whatever you may collect to make art.”

Lifeline was in full swing here at MVNU back in March! WNZR’s annual fundraiser, run by Marcy and Joe Rinehart, lifeline has always been a great experience for all the staff and students here at MVNU. Lifeline involves several separate days starting with a day of prayer in praise and a matching challenge day. This experience has had quite a positive response from the students involved. 

The lifeline fundraiser continues to give hope to the WNZR station in showing the love from listeners. Senior, Mike Basko with the student leadership team stated “Lifeline is awesome because you really get to be involved in something bigger than yourself. It's amazing to hear what the listeners have to say about the encouragement they have received from listening to the station. It's a testament that the listeners believe in the ministry of WNZR.”. Lifeline’s theme for this year was “I believe it” inspired by Jon Reddick’s song as a declaration of faith and trust in God's power to work miracles and fulfill his promises. Mike stated, “this year’s theme really made me realize how not only we believe in the life of Jesus, but we also believe in the ministry and impact of Christian radio.” 

Students also expressed how much fun they had working behind the

scenes in lifeline and how Joe and Marcy Rinehart have made this such an enjoyable experience for them. Senior, Colin Ashworth expressed how this experience has given him more insight into the program, “Marcy and Joe make this fundraiser a fun thing, but it also really helps you see what goes into raising money in a ministry that means so much to our community and listeners”. Lifeline's current total is at $85,061 and climbing! You can donate online at 

Lifeline behind the scenes 
By Nathan Sharpes 
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