April 12, 2021 1 Abigail Brown

Music Department Hosts Spring Cabaret


The Music Department at MVNU hosted this year's spring cabaret, “Smile,” on April 9 in the R.R. Hodges Chapel Auditorium. 


The performance featured 10 students from all different majors and backgrounds. Sophomore communications and media major Mallory Thomas stated that, “This year's cabaret is a collection of unique songs from different genres and eras. Each student was assigned a song, and we [have] been working all semester to develop a story associated with our song.” 


The performers’ hoped that the audience connected with the music and left with a “smile.” “It was surely an enjoyable evening as the students have worked hard to share a story within their song(s) that we all hope connect to the audience,” said assistant professor of music Elizabeth Barrett.

Mount Vernon Nazarene University is home to around 2,500 commuter and residential students, and the small, close-knit atmosphere implies a sense of community, safety and security. But recently, a number of thefts on campus has been reported. Some of them include missing bikes, toilet paper, a TV, a car, belongings from cars and laundry. “The bike I had for over five years was stolen,” said Jacob Glaze, a junior. “Campus safety did find a couple bikes, but mine was not one of them. It was never recovered.”

A security forum in February revealed an arrest of someone in possession of laundry and other stolen items. This crucial information was not communicated to the whole student body. Some of the stolen items were recovered and returned, but some, like Jacob, did not get their possessions back at all. At the forum, several students expressed concerns about not reaching out to campus safety because of the timeliness of the matter, which has forced other parties to get involved. 

To address the recent thefts and concerns at the forum, MVNU Campus Safety worked on improving communication through a monthly newsletter and using the NIXLE system when a serious crime is committed. The most recent newsletter sent to students talked about their duties and introduced new staff members. Campus safety listed duties to include jumping vehicles, helping with low tire pressure, emergency call responses, and room lockouts. They can also give escorts from dawn to dusk and do registration, IDs, background checks, fingerprinting and badge printing.

Tony Edwards, director of facilities and safety operations, said many students have been extremely helpful in reporting suspicious behavior so far. In response to the recent activity, he said more cameras are being installed and door-locking systems are being added to lounges on campus. They also hired an additional officer to patrol student residential areas during the evenings and early mornings. When asked what can be done to improve security, Edwards said, “The single best thing is for people to secure their valuables. Most of the stolen items, if not all of them, were crimes of opportunity, unlocked or unattended.”  

Students are encouraged to speak up and say something to Campus Safety if they see suspicious activity. “Campus Safety does an incredible job keeping the campus secure, but we cannot be everywhere at once,” said Edwards. “With over 300 acres and 75 buildings on and off campus to patrol, we need everyone’s help to keep the campus crime free.” 

Thefts on Campus


April 12, 2021 Leslie Uphouse



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The Cougar Kindness board is uniting the MVNU community, one note at a time. Bekah Kalas, a freshman student, said that she was inspired to create the Cougar Kindness board after seeing the impact that a similar note-sharing board had at a weekend camp that she worked at in high school. She brought it to MVNU to help spread “kindness and positivity around campus.” Anyone can write an encouraging note to anyone on campus, including residential students, commuters, CCP students, faculty and staff. Kalas said that she would “love to see the board completely full all the time” with notes. “When you spread kindness, you feel [kindness] back,” Kalas said, and she encourages everyone to leave someone a note. “There’s going to be some really awesome things coming from it.” The board can be found in the Hyson cafeteria lobby, and paper is provided for writing notes.

Cougar Kindness


April 12, 2021 Allison Prouty


The Closing of Two Legendary Careers

After a record-breaking season for MVNU’s women’s basketball team, the career of a superstar came to a close. Over the course of the past four years, Taylor Gregory has accomplished very much, from being named the newcomer of the year in the conference during her freshman year to leading the team in her senior year to two victories in the NAIA tournament, which led the Cougars to the round of 16 for the first time. She ranks second all time in points and rebounds in MVNU history, as well as being first in blocks. She has been named to the all-conference team all four years she has played and made All-American her senior year.

Even more impressive than Gregory’s success on the court is her attitude off of it. Coach Amanda Short said of her, “Taylor is a player any coach would love to have on their team. She is one of the best players the MVNU women’s basketball program has ever seen. But more importantly, she is a person of high character.” Short also added, “She has grown so much as a leader and as a person, and I am so blessed to have seen that the last four years. I am so excited to see what God has in store for her future.”

Gregory is not the only MVNU basketball legend whose career came to a close this season. Jevon Knox has led the men’s team throughout the past four years. The three time All-American has amassed 2,000 points in his career. He was also a member of the second recruiting class at MVNU, which coach Jared Ronai said really shifted the trajectory of the program.

Knox was also an inspiration to his team outside of games. Coach Ronai said of his leadership,“ Jevon was the best leader I have had here as a coach, and we have had some other very impactful leaders. He was a different kind of leader than most imagine a leader being in the athletic arena. He led with humility and care that helped his teammates grow and get better.”

The impact of both Taylor Gregory and Jevon Knox will be felt for years to come. They are both exceptional players but also amazing people. The MVNU basketball program is fortunate to have had both of them represent the school for the entirety of their legendary careers.


April 12, 2021  Mike Basko