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Knox County Public Health Services on Campus 
By: Henry Shobert

While currently away, the Knox County Public Health Services will be back on campus to serve students’ medical needs in March. The KCPHS will essentially operate as an on-campus doctor’s office to more efficiently and effectively aid students in need of medical attention. 

According to campus nurse Jo Lee Carrier, the KCPHS will provide a significantly more affordable and convenient medical care option for students. Instead of going out, which isn’t even an option for some, students can come to the student health services building and receive an effective health examination and even leave with prescriptions for needed medications. She explained, “They can do sports physicals and those kinds of things you might not expect here. They can make an appointment to get blood drawn and can get most vaccines. They can refer you to a higher level of care or a specialist if needed.” She continued, expressing a desire to see that the services are employed more frequently, “I’d love to see it utilized more if more students would come and receive the care they need.” 

While the services are very convenient and will be useful for many, they may not be as readily available as some might hope for. Carrier said, “They’re possibly looking to fill one full day a week.” She assured, however, that during the intervals in which they’re absent, she and fellow health service members consistently on campus will be able to fulfill students’ medical needs. She remarked, “We can provide over-the-counter, routine medications, and what we do is free.” 

While the Knox County Public Health Services will likely be available only once a week come March, their care will be welcomed. Effective, efficient and affordable healthcare will, without question, come as a tremendous aid to MVNU. The KCPHS will be located in the student health services building behind the cafeteria.

Introducing the Freshman Class Council
By : Allison Prouty 

Mount Vernon Nazarene University’s Student Government Association has announced their new Freshman Class Council members for the 2022-2023 school year. Freshmen were able to vote for their class president, administrative director, events director, and ministries director. Final elections were held Oct. 27-29.


Tiffany Van Dame, Director of Residence Life and Student Accountability, serves as an advisor to the SGA. She said that students interested in serving start by filling out an application for their desired position. A primary election occurs only if more than two students apply for a position. The primary election narrows down the candidates so that only two students are on the final ballot. Van Dame said that “We had to hold a primary election for all positions this year, and then the top two were voted on in the final election.” Only freshmen can vote on their class council.


Emma More was elected class president. “In high school, I was class president all four years and NHS president for two. I have really missed being super involved in school events and saw SGA as an opportunity to get involved at MVNU,” said More. She hopes to make everyone feel included on campus. As class president, she serves as the voice of the freshman class while leading their class council. Together, they will address concerns that freshmen have about campus and plan events for both the freshman class and the whole student body. More said that “I would love to express my appreciation and gratitude to the freshman class for giving me this opportunity to serve them by electing me president. I won't let them down.”


Zane Shultz was chosen by the freshman class to be their administrative director. In this role, he will keep track of the records that come from SGA meetings, and he’ll be responsible for the finances involving class events. Shultz will also help plan events, including securing locations for them and finalizing costs. He hopes to work with freshman class ministries director Will Meyers to help plan ministry-centered events on campus. Shultz said that “I look forward to serving this great group of students, and planning events that everyone will enjoy!”

Sophomore Crafts a Close-Knit CoSMO Group
By: Cat Dugan

Recently, sophomore Ashley Farrar launched the latest Community and Service Ministry Opportunity (Cosmo) group called Crafting for Kindness. The group’s mission is simply to craft together and donate handmade goods to those in need. Together, the group will make blankets, hats, and various other handcrafted goods in order to bring joy to those in long-term medical care, experiencing homelessness, caring for new babies and living in the foster care system. 


At this time, Crafting for Kindness collaborates with multiple out-of-state groups to distribute these handmade goods. Farrar seeks to find organizations closer to MVNU that could use the items as the group grows. Finding inspiration in Mount Vernon Nazarene University’s motto, “To Seek to Learn is to Seek to Serve,” Farrar is passionate about serving her neighbors.


Farrar learned how to knit last year and has since felt relief from her anxiety, winding down with the relaxing hobby. One of her goals with this group is “to show and teach people the tool that has helped me, while also helping others at the same time.” Farrar continued by saying her intention as a CoSMO group leader is “to make connections with fellow peers and then use those connections to serve others.”

The group meets on Fridays at 4:30 in Thorne Library’s Education Resource Center. Farrar encourages all who would enjoy crafting alongside their peers for the good of the community to join Crafting for Kindness. She adds that she would urge those interested in crafting but not yet skilled to still join the group. For additional information, interested students can contact Farrar at

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