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TWIRP: This Woman Is Really Peeved

This year, SGA has brought back what was once an MVNU tradition: TWIRP week. TWIRP stands for “the woman is requested to pay.”

What a novel concept- a whole week devoted to strong, independent women asking men out and covering the bill. A whole week where we women get to step out and say, “Hey, I’m your equal, I don’t have to wait around for you to ask me out, I can ask you! In fact, I’ll even pay!”

One whole week during which MVNU’s most eligible bachelors must peek around corners and hide in doorways to avoid being TWIRPed by some of these wild, independent women.

One. Whole. Week.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Nowadays, women want to be treated like we are equal to men. Well, most women, that is.

And to those of us who do, TWIRP week seems a little silly. Not because it’s a bad concept, but the fact that we are setting aside a single week for ourselves to take charge and initiate a date and fund that date (not that it’s actually costing us anything, as all the TWIRP week events are completely free) presupposes that men are responsible for all of this for the other 51 weeks of the year. A 1:51 ratio doesn’t really sound like equality to me.

Don’t get me wrong; if your man wants to front all the bills and you don’t mind letting him do so, good for you. Do what works for your relationship.

But, if women asking and paying is such an exciting thing that we dedicate one whole week of events and fun to it, why don’t we make it more than just a week? Why don’t we make it an all-the-time thing? Or, even better, what if we all just started sharing things equally instead of attaching an expectation to who is “supposed” to foot the bill?

What if we actually started treating each other as equals? Now wouldn’t that be nice?

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