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Spaulding Explains Reasons Behind Football Decision

Casey Cougar won’t be scoring a touchdown anytime soon since University administrators decided not to bring football to MVNU.

This recommendation was made by an MVNU committee who had been studying the possibility over the last six months.

MVNU President Dr. Henry Spaulding said there were two deciding factors behind the decision.

“Two reasons: First, it would require a $30 million initial investment, and second, there are concerns about possible changes to campus culture,” Dr. Spaulding said.

Reactions from students vary.

Freshman Nate Koesel, a sports management major, felt strongly that the addition of football would be positive for campus.

“I think football would be totally great. It would bring a ton more recruits, money and overall students to our campus,” Koesel said.

Junior Carter Wayne, early childhood education major, thought football would benefit the University, but have little effect on the community.

“I think football at the Naz would benefit just the University as a business,” Wayne said. “It would benefit its image and its desire to be appealing, while striving to keep up with other colleges.”

However, Wayne believes that football would “have little effect, positive or negative,” on the rest of the community.

Other students are indifferent to the idea of football being included among the growing array of sports.

Junior psychology major Lenna Neokratis believes, instead, the University should invest in what it already has.

Although the University will not be adding football, students can look forward to the addition of three new sports next fall, competitive cheerleading, lacrosse and bowling.

President Spaulding said the University would possibly “tackle the issue again in the future.”


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