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New Director of Residence Life Excited for New "Life-on-Life Opportunities"

MVNU will welcome a new Director of Residence Life to campus in the fall.

Joshua Kusch has worked with Residence Life at Colorado Christian University before coming to MVNU.

Kusch graduated with a degree in music theory from Baylor University, then earned a master’s in education, also at Baylor.

When Kusch graduated, he became a Resident Director at Colorado Christian for four years, eventually transitioning into the Director of Student Life for Colorado Christian University.

“My heart has always been working with college students,” Kusch said.

While working with college students, Kusch said he “fell in love with life-on-life opportunities.”

“I loved being able to just walk out my door and connect with students,” he said.

Currently, Kusch and his wife live outside of Denver, Colorado, where he works for one of the largest K-12 public school districts in Colorado promoting community and business partnerships to help students reach college and career success.

He has also worked as the dean of students for the Colorado Virtual Academy and as the assessment manager in charge of statewide testing for ColoradoEd.

The commute to work will be shorter for Kusch when he comes to MVNU. Right now, he has a 45-minute commute and he’s looking forward to the prospect of living where he works.

“We’re excited to be moving from a big city to a slower pace small town in Ohio,” Kusch said.

Besides the shorter commute, Kusch and his wife are “excited to get to know the students and MVNU better.

"Our hearts really come alive thinking about mentoring kids and helping them grow with God,” he said.

As Director of Residence Life, Kusch will be implementing leadership through “a compelling vision.”

“When it comes to decision making, I like to strive for a consensus,” he said.

Kusch admitted that although a consensus is “not always feasible or practical” it is a goal he strives for.

Aside from offering a compelling vision, Kusch finds it “important to care for the people” on his team, whether it be in “physical health or spiritual growth.”

“I’m excited to see what Residence Life does well at Mount Vernon,” Kusch said.

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