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MVNU hires Mike King as head golf coach

Alumnus Mike King has been named as MVNU’s new head golf coach, taking over the position after former coach Mike O’Hara stepped down in the fall.

King graduated from MVNU in 1985 with a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and served for 10 years as an assistant baseball coach at MVNU from 1998-2008.

“It’s great to come back and be a head golf coach,” King said, promising to bring a “never-quit attitude” to the program.

King said he’s a fan of Michigan State basketball coach Tom Izzo, who he described as “a very passionate guy who puts everything into his players.”

“If I can be as passionate as Tom Izzo, I think I’ll do OK,” King said.

One of the new coach’s first goals is to “learn the players” and earn their respect, he said.

“Coming in, in the middle of the year is not always easy,” King said.

“I want them to see a coach that is going to work hard and do the best for the program and do what’s right for them.”

King served as the head golf and baseball coach at Highland High School and is currently a math instructor at the Knox County Career Center.

He will retire from teaching to devote all his time to MVNU golf.

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