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Soccer seniors “helped lay the foundation”

The five seniors on the MVNU men’s soccer team have shared wins, losses, celebrations, highs and lows.

After spending nearly every day together for the past four years, they are more than friends; they have become family.

George Boamah: photo via MVNU SID
Javier Cruz: photo via MVNU SID

The seniors say their experiences here will bond them together for a lifetime and keep them close to each other no matter where they end up.

Jhenfher Montiel: photo via MVNU SID

“It’s a brotherhood,” senior Scott Feighner said. “We can always rely on each other.”

The seniors said their soccer teammates are the people they feel most

connected to. That makes the end of the season both exciting and sad as they realize the game they have played – and loved – for so long is finally coming to an end.

But with the end of their soccer careers, they take away many life lessons and experiences.

Midfielder George Boamah said some of the most valuable things he has learned include unity, teamwork and communication.

Feighner said he has learned about working through hard times and “dealing with adversity when things aren’t going my way.”

Coach Andrew Belleman praised this year’s seniors for helping build the program.

“This is the first group of guys that I have recruited, and they have helped lay the foundation of what I want the program to be,” Belleman said. “They are a very talented group of guys, and we will miss them.”

Teammates agreed, saying the seniors have been great role models for them. “They have been great leaders over the course of the year,” sophomore Alex Hahne said. “Everyone respects them on and off the field.”

The seniors have led the MVNU men’s soccer team to an 8-7-5 record. Their season ended after a 2-0 loss at Indiana Wesleyan on Saturday.

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