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Coach Paul Swanson inspires Lady Cougars

Coach Paul Swanson is in his 32nd season as the MVNU head volleyball coach. Swanson has over 1,000 wins in his career, and 34 of those wins come from this year’s outstanding season.

Over the years, Swanson has earned nine conference titles and 19 NCCAA region championships, and he has won at least 30 matches in 18 of the past 22 seasons. He has been named conference “Coach of the Year” seven times and NCCAA region “Coach of the Year” 17 times.

Swanson brings a lot to the table for MVNU athletics, and his players speak highly of him. “We are extremely blessed to have such an amazing coach,” senior Marlowe Beatty said. “Coach Swanson is one of the best men I know. He always reminds us that ultimately our faith is the most important thing.” “We want to make him proud,” junior Carolyn Beatty added.

After wrapping the 2015 season in the NAIA National Tournament in Iowa the team looks forward to next season and as they strive to continue their streak of success.

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