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Tom West departs after long career at MVNU

Tom West has been a prominent member of the MVNU community as a student then an employee for nearly 20 years.

This summer, West accepted a position at Indiana Wesleyan University and made the transition to the Cincinnati campus where he is the Regional Director for Southern Ohio.

During his years at MVNU, West dedicated countless hours to building relationships with the students, faculty, and staff. He was especially known for his passion and energy for God and for the University.

A graduate of the Class of 1990, West received his degree in Christian Education. West was heavily involved in the MVNC community. His favorite memories, he said, took place not in the classroom but on the courts.

West participated in intercollegiate tennis and year-round intramural volleyball competitions. He also recalls serving on Student Council and working alongside Dr. John Donoho in Student Development.

As a student, West met his wife, Tara, and many other close friends.

After graduation, West gave 17 additional years to the MVNU community.

“I came back [to MVNU] solely because the Lord impressed upon my heart to give back what was given to me,” West said. “I sensed a true calling to serve in Christian Higher Education and where better to start than my alma mater.”

He served as the Assistant Registrar for five years, Director of Alumni Relations for 10 years and Campus Events Manager for the past two years.

But, his impact goes far beyond the office and classrooms.

He recalls “walking alongside students as they journeyed through life and navigated college.”

West also filled many roles outside his job description including premarital counselor, wedding officiant, small group leader, mentor and friend for students.

“Tom West is an amazing man of God,” MVNU alumnus Israel Scherzo said. “To this day I look to Tom as a mentor. Bar-none, one of the best guys I know.”

Tom, and his wife Tara, counseled Scherzo and his wife before their marriage, and then performed the wedding ceremony.

As the new Regional Director for Southern Ohio, West will essentially be the Dean of Students for a portion IWU’s graduate program. He will work with students in Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio, along with Florence and Lexington, Kentucky. These are four of IWU’s 18 satellite campuses.

His responsibilities will include assisting faculty, overseeing staff members, facilitating 80-plus adult studies majors and serving the more than 2,000 students in the program.

West’s departing advice for the MVNU student body is simple. “Love one another. Serve one another. Lay down your life for your friends and those seeking Christ,” he said.

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