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Community, Opportunity, and Chipotle keeping Harray in the U.S.

MVNU recently added a not-so-new addition to the Student Life staff.

Returning students may recognize 2015 graduate Annabelle Harray, the Resident Director for Maplewood and Elmwood.

While enrolled at MVNU, Harray spent three years as a Resident Assistant in Galloway then Pioneer. She also served as the Production Director and on-air talent for WNZR.

Coming from an OSU-like college in her hometown of Dunedin, New Zealand, Harray was hypnotized by the small campus and intimate atmosphere of MVNU. She was introduced to the school by friends from a summer camp in 2012.

While she loves New Zealand, Harray has been fascinated with the U.S. since the age of 13, when her family spent six weeks traveling the country.

She loved the people and was hooked by the ability to experience things that were different, yet similar, to her hometown.

Harray hopes to stay in America and at MVNU long-term. But, “it all depends on the visas and legalities,” she explained.

“I want to stay because I do feel that there is a lot more opportunity for me here than at home,” Harray said. “Plus, we don't have Chipotle in New Zealand!”

Harray is currently on a one-year working visa, which allows her to stay in the United States, as long as her job incorporates her degree in video and radio broadcasting.

To accommodate that requirement, Harray’s position as a Resident Director oversees all social media for Residence Life. From residence area events to intramurals, Harray keeps the student body up-to-date on residential life.

She also creates recap videos for the various events on campus.

Aside from social media and video, Harray is the Resident Director of Maplewood and Elmwood which house about 175 students.

Her responsibilities include planning events, interacting with students, responding to negative and positive situations in her area and coordinating with RAs to enhance the community.

In this new position, Harray is most excited for the opportunity to interact with students and build relationships.

“I really like the idea of having my house open all the time for people to come by, and I'm excited to have people over for movies, food, and games!” Harray said.

Harray and fellow RD Amy Reeves host a small group on Wednesday nights at 8:30 p.m. that is open for all students to attend.

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