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Traylor will put on his badge for the last time

Campus safety officer Buck Traylor will retire Jan. 2, 2017 from MVNU.

“Buck,” who is on a first-name basis with most everyone at MVNU, is one of the most recognizable figures on campus.

Maybe Buck has let you into a building on the weekend — or kicked you out of one late at night. Or, maybe he has given you a ride to class — or stopped you in the middle of a campus prank.

Buck, an MVNC graduate of 1978, completed his degree in religion. As a student on campus, he lived on the south side of Oakwood in what is now room 236.

He remembers plenty about what it’s like to be a student here.

One of his favorite memories goes back to the day he had to climb out his second-story window when friends barricaded him in his room as a joke.

Remembering incidents like that helps him keep his sense of humor even as he goes about his job of enforcing the rules, Buck says.

After graduating, Buck moved to Texas where he led Kirbyville Church of the Nazarene of the old Houston District for three years before returning home.

Since then, he has lived in Ohio and worked in the North Central Ohio Church of the Nazarene District for more than three decades.

“I left there following a most rewarding time to be where I felt God was leading,” he said. “Ohio is the place where God has had me pastor all these years.”

In 2010 he became a part-time campus officer and worked 12-hour weekend shifts. Then, at the beginning of the 2011 school year, Buck became full time at MVNU.

“I became a safety officer at a time of transition in my personal life so that I could still minister to young adults,” he said.

Buck has enjoyed his time working as a campus safety officer. He loves working alongside his co-workers and supervisors. However, Buck’s favorite part was connecting with the students.

“The best part has been the opportunity to get to know the students, walk with them, listen to them, and even pray with them,” he said. “This really is a great campus community.”

Though Buck has enjoyed his time at MVNU, he looks forward to retirement and getting back to his hobbies.

“I’m the home body. I like tending to the flower beds and gardening,” he said.

Even though Buck would rather relax, he also plans on taking time to travel around the world and treat his wife, Alice.

Buck has dreams of revisiting an Alaskan cruise or traveling somewhere new, like Europe.

Most importantly, he wants to spend time with his wife, kids and grandkids.

Students will miss seeing Buck around campus and interacting with him throughout the day. Buck’s presence has been a huge part of the MVNU community and will be missed by many.

We wish Buck the best of luck on his family time, travels — and his garden — and thank him for his commitment to our school.

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