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Oct. 12, 1968, marked a very special day in MVNU history: its conception. There is much elation and exhilaration on campus as everyone has been celebrating 50 years of educating the hearts and minds of thousands. Since early August, facilities services personnel have been buzzing around putting up new banners on the light posts honoring certain people throughout the years.

The festivities started with a chapel service that had MVNU 50th anniversary shirts draped over every chair in the chapel. Dr. Linda Nease Scott (Class of ’70) graced the students with a little blast from the past as she reflected on her time at MVNU.

“I had no choice in where I would be attending college because my dad was the president,” said Scott, “But Gods’ plan was better than mine.” Scott wanted to connect with the student in a way that they would understand, so she cleverly said, “Believe it or not, we were just like you all -- 18, 19, and 21 year olds sitting in chapel … without the cell phones, of course. We shared one phone per dorm floor.” There were many chuckles that rumbled throughout the auditorium; and instantly, there was a sense of togetherness in the chapel.

Following the chapel service, a ribbon-cutting ceremony took place at the Stephen W. Nease Center which will house the university’s engineering program and a community makerspace, in partnership with Knox Labs. The building was gifted to MVNU from Ariel Foundation. Engineering major Tagg Edgell was at the ceremony and was super excited to be there. “This ceremony bridges the gap between past engineers and students who are going through that process now. It is an honor to meet the people who have paved the way for us” said Edgell.

MVNU is also looking to celebrate the 50-year milestone in November during homecoming, which will include Cougar basketball, the MVNU Alumni Experience and the beloved rambunctious mascot Casey Cougar.

The Mount Vernon Church of the Nazarene congregations, MVNU alumni and the community will also join together and celebrate the work of God through MVNU and the community with special speaker Dr. Jesse Middendorf.

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