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Nixon retiring as MVNU librarian

This year will be Paul Nixon’s last year as MVNU’s library director as he prepares for retirement at the end of the academic year.

Nixon first came here to fill the position of the MVNU Public Services Systems Librarian in fall 2001 after leaving his position as a medical librarian in Kansas City, MI.

“I was the library director a few years ago when a previous library director retired,” Nixon said, referring to his first term as library director in 2009. “Then we had someone else come in; and after he left, I became the director again. So, over the course of 17, 18 years, there’s been a number of different hats that I’ve worn.”

Nixon reminisced on the changes that the library has seen in his years working there. “It’s been good. We’ve gone to less of an emphasis on in-house resources to what we can access electronically outside of the four walls of the library,” he said. “Students can now access our resources electronically from anywhere -- on campus, where they live, a coffee shop or wherever. I think it’s a marvelous thing for them to have.”

“I think they’ve been good changes,” Nixon said. “They’ve been here to help facilitate student use of the library as well as helping them with their study skills and getting help with tutoring.”

“I’m gonna miss the people that I’ve worked with, the students.” Nixon said, looking back at his time at the library. “They’re a delight to work with.”

While Nixon was certainly happy with the growth the library has seen in his time working there, he’s also happy to be moving forward. “I guess I won’t miss the snowy winter mornings, having to get up and be here by around 7 o’clock, that kind of thing,” He said, laughing, ”It’ll be kind of nice to just sit back and listen to the weather report and know I won’t have to go anywhere this morning.”

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