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Alumni and Students Featured at Entertainment Showcase

Mount Vernon Nazarene University hosted a free entertainment showcase Nov. 10 featuring alumni and students at Thorne Performance Hall as a part of homecoming events.

Performances included piano, guitar, singing, monologues, duets, trios and much more.

Assistant professor of music Elizabeth Barrett had been planning on having a fall showcase when assistant professor of theatre Ryan Long had the idea to add MVNU alumni to the showcase.

“The challenge has been coordinating and getting schedules together with alumni, but I think it’s been worth it,” Barrett said.

Barrett was excited to have many alumni back to perform and giving students an opportunity to have a workshop to improve on a piece.

According to Barrett, the performers worked on “bringing this piece in every week and developing it, determining how we can make this one song or this one performance have every element that a performance should have.”

The showcase had a theme of hope, which Barrett believes was featured throughout the show through both humor and serious topics.

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