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Family Weekend wraps up with Fall fun

Despite the cold air and threat of rain, MVNU’s annual Oaktoberfest brought in a huge crowd for Family Weekend on Oct. 20.

The event invites students and families to enjoy fall themed-snacks, live music and various fall activities. There was also a special dinner provided by the Pioneer College Caterers.

With the departure of former Oakwood Resident Director Kevin Peterson, Oaktoberfest was put into the hands of Oakwood RD Jake Booher.

Booher is trying his best to follow in Peterson’s footsteps.

“Since I am inheriting this event from the amazing Kevin Peterson, I figured it was best for my first year to learn from his example how to make Oaktoberfest run smoothly. So this year, we didn’t have anything new, but we stuck with the tried and true formula for fantastic fall fun! As we look forward to the years to come, I will certainly look for opportunities to expand and provide even more activities for students to enjoy,” said Booher.

As an alumni of MVNU, Booher fondly remembers Oaktoberfest.

“I looked forward to it each and every year, as did all of my friends! Now I have the honor of helping provide this event for the current student body? What a dream,” said Booher.

The event included pumpkin carving, hayrides, a photo booth and bonfires. Fall snacks included kettle corn, s’mores, apple cider and hot chocolate.

Sophomore theatre major Laura Beth Fraley loved the event.

“I enjoy it because it really rings in the autumn season! It’s set up in a way that encourages community and fellowship with one another through fun activities like pumpkin carving, or simply sitting around a fire eating s’mores and sipping hot apple cider. It really brings the students and campus community closer together.”

Fraley’s family also attended this year.

“My family loves it because it’s a chance for all of us to be together in a family-friendly environment and still experience campus life at MVNU. We get to introduce our friends to our family and enjoy that time of fellowship. The delicious food, games, and people make it an event that even my little siblings look forward to each year.”

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