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MVNU takes a leap of faith to the Holy Land

Have you ever dreamt of walking where Jesus walked or see historical Biblical sites in person? Well, I have great news for you! Your dreams can become a reality with the help of MVNU’s Bible trips. These life-changing journeys allow students to experience cultures in many unique ways.

Carlos M. Serrao, director of web development and communications, and Dr. Jeanne Serrao, professor of Biblical literature, worked together and made preparations for this remarkable journey to take place. They made sure that students got the best out of their experience overseas in the Holy Land, and they certainly did.

Carlos Serrao stated that, “MVNU's Bible trips are primarily Dr. C. Jeanne Serrao's vision and passion. She started them in 2006 and has since led or co-led 11 trips taking over 400 students, faculty, staff, alumni, board of trustee members and friends of MVNU to Europe and the Bible lands.”

Over spring break, many students and friends of MVNU traveled to Israel for 11 days, spending two of those days in Jordan. Throughout the trip, they were able to visit The Sea of Galilee, Capernaum, Jerusalem, Petra and other Biblical sites, just to name a few.

Serrao mentioned that, “If you are going to understand the culture of the Old and New Testaments there is no better way to do it than to walk where Jesus, Paul, the prophets and the early church walked and take in the land, customs and sites where it all happened.”

Victoria Stevens, a junior social work major, stated, “I think it’s important for students to experience a different culture because it is so eye opening. It also helps students to better appreciate all of God’s creation.”

There are numerous benefits for everyone who is willing to take part in these journeys. For students, it is a good way to get credit for classes such as Crossing Cultures, Contemporary Concerns, Narrative of Scripture and others.

These wonderful trips also form strong bonds and friendships that will last a lifetime. Everyone who takes the leap of faith into these spiritual places can share life-experiences and support one another. It is through these incredible moments that they can truly become closer to God and to His people. Caleb Dexter, a sophomore youth ministry major, said, “I decided to come on this trip so I could meet new people and to be able to see the places that we read about in the Bible and imagine being there in that time and place.”

There is a large number of people in the United States who have never had the opportunity to venture to another country. Serrao said, “We also want to expose our students to a world that goes beyond the boundaries of our state and nation.” These trips allow students to become well-rounded and more culturally diverse. Dexter mentioned, “My eyes are open to what the world has to offer, and now there are so many other places I want to travel to and explore.”

When the trip is over, hopefully it will give an extra dimension to the students’ appreciation and comprehension of the Bible. Serrao confessed that, “One of our greatest joys is to see students experience something that takes them out of

their comfort zone and into a new level of learning and understanding the Bible. Once you have taken a Bible Trip you will never be able to read the Bible the same way.”

These trips will be continued. The next opportunity for an unforgettable experience will be spring break of 2020 when MVNU will travel to Turkey and Greece. For more information and to register visit What are you waiting for? Take that leap of faith today.

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