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MVNU hires on new chapel administration

MVNU Campus Pastor Stephanie Lobdell

MVNU's chapel team has just been revamped.

MVNU welcomed the arrival of its new Campus Pastor, Stephanie Lobdell, this past July. Lobdell is originally from Idaho and has worked as a co-pastor at the Mountain Home Church of the Nazarene with her husband. Speaking about Lobdell, President Spaulding had nothing but kind words to say:

"Stephanie is well-read, theologically articulate, an experienced pastor and she has international experience,” Spaulding said, “All of this will contribute to the spiritual development of our community.”

In her introductory email, Lobdell details her new outlook for the 2019-2020 school year, while expressing gratitude for Anthony Mako, Kendra Lambert, and Catie Hayes, who departed earlier in the year.

"We are all grateful to Kendra, Catie and Anthony Mako for their years of service,” Lobdell stated. "The resources left behind for me by Catie and Kendra were thorough and helpful. I am grateful to them for that provision.”

In this email, she also presented forth the new Campus Ministries staff members. MVNU alums Mark Owen and Chelsea Connor Porter were picked up to be the Coordinator of Chapel Worship and Office Coordinator respectively. Lobdell praised them both highly, saying about Owen, "Mark is not only extremely competent as a musician and leader, but he also has the heart of a pastor. He is eager to invest in you!" Mark Owen is also the Worship Pastor at First Church of the Nazarene in Mount Vernon.

Lastly, Dr. Hank Spaulding was chosen to be the new Associate Campus Pastor. The email details the selection process that ultimately led to this decision being made. According to Lobdell, after an arduous application period, it ultimately came down to "three top candidates.” It was during a deliberation with Scott Campbell that the choice was made to pick Dr. Spaulding for the position.

Campbell, who is an MVNU alum, was recently appointed as the new Finance VP/CFO. His previous position was a volunteer spot on the Board of Trustees. Campbell’s duties will see him working closely with president and Senior Leadership Team in overseeing all financial operations including school budget, accounting, risk management, and human resources. In the announcement press release, he had this say about his decision to come back to MVNU:

“MVNU provided the foundation for both my spiritual and professional growth,” Campbell said, “I am thrilled that after 33 years I have been given the opportunity to return to MVNU to serve.”

"I hope you will welcome my staff into the MVNU family and to the office of Campus Ministries,'' Lobdell said as she concluded her inaugural email. "We are so excited to work with you this year as we all seek to grow in love and service to God and others."

Photo: MVNU Campus Pastor Stephanie Lobdell

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