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FNL auditions on September 25

Friday Night Live auditions are coming up!

Students who wish to be a part of this long-running MVNU tradition can sign up for an audition on the sign-up sheet posted on the SGA Wall in the Cafeteria Lounge in Hyson Campus Center. Auditions will be Wednesday, September 25, from 5:00-10:00pm in Thorne Performance Hall inside the R.R. Hodges Chapel.

Comedic hopefuls typically perform a short skit or original stand-up bit for auditions. “It really helps if someone can show us that they are creative, comfortable with performing in front of other people and able to memorize material. The goal should be to have fun and make us laugh,” said senior Matt Moore. Students are also encouraged to participate as creative writers, videographers, editors and designers to help put the show together. These new positions were created in hopes that “more students can be involved in the process,” according to senior Jenna Grady.

Co-presidents Grady and Moore have been involved with FNL for a combined eight semesters. “All I want to do is to provide a place where people can forget about their troubles for a while and have fun,” said Moore. Grady believes that FNL “really is a common space where everyone is welcome and can relate personally” to the content of the comedy show. Moore had this to say about the performances: “It’s such a great feeling to present something you helped create and watch it bring smiles to the faces of your friends.”

Photo: Spring 2019 FNL Cast, courtesy of Noah Torralba.

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