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Salsa Night at MVNU

“!Vamos Bailar!”

Dance your way to Salsa Night at MVNU! This event is a great time for students to take a break from their studies by coming together and to learn some extra moves! If you do not know how to salsa, instructors Gerardo Molina and Anna Chrysler are leading the way!

Molina said, “Salsa Night is a good time to have fun with friends… and to learn more about the Latino culture.” Molina enjoys teaching others how to dance because it is an opportunity to share his culture.

There is no specific date set for Salsa Night, but Molina will be performing a salsa dance this Friday, September 27, at Festival Latino, located in the PSU.

If you are interested in coming to learn salsa, follow the MVNU Intercultural Life account on Instagram (@mvnu_interculturallife) to see updates about when the next Salsa Night is!

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