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MVNU Social Work receives "Best Value" distinction

Mount Vernon Nazarene University’s Social Work program was recently awarded with the “Best Value for the Money” distinction.

Trudy Singletary, the Assistant Professor of Social Work and the Department Chair, said that the distinction “validates the excellency, cost, and marketability after graduation” for the Social Work Department on main campus, as well as the program for the non-traditional students. The department was honored with this distinction because of their advocating for faculty, staff and a reasonable tuition cost, along with maintaining CSWE (Council on Social Work Education) accreditation.

Being proud of the program that she is involved with, Trudy Singletary says that MVNU produces highly trained and marketable social workers. With such a high demand in the social work world, these traits are great for students to have and prepare them for the working world. Infusing the program with the three main values of social work – integrity, competence and social justice – teaches the students just what they should value, not only in their program and future jobs, but their lifestyles as well to become the well-rounded social workers of the future.

Throughout the future of MVNU’s social work program, Singletary says that they will continue to “keep offering a high quality instruction, keep the cost of the program’s tuition at an affordable level, and provide flexibility with class schedules for the students as well as opportunities to work in their field.” With an excellent reputation and the “Best Value for the Money Distinction,” the hope of the MVNU Social Work program is to keep training high quality social workers for the future.

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