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"Suburban Outfitters" supports Knox Needs

MVNU is an institution very much focused on the care of the community – both the campus and the surrounding community outside of the university. There are several different CoSMO groups and other organizations that provide volunteer work and even charitable fundraisers to raise money for many different organizations that help to make a better life for those not only in Knox County, but all other sorts of other places around the world.

One group on campus that has achieved some of these goals is M2540. This group is involved with Knox Needs and has been raising money for the organization since they started. M2540 has created a thrift shop on campus to bring in donations for Knox Needs. The thrift shop, “Suburban Outfitters,” is run by two students, Katie Durben and Brianna Baldwin.

Durben and Baldwin explained that “Suburban Outfitters” was opened over two years ago in the back of Galloway Hall. It was created to bring people in and give them a way to not only find affordable clothing for themselves, but also to provide a place to donate clothing towards a good cause. “Suburban Outfitters” relies on donations from students in order to stock their shop and earn money for M2540.

“Suburban Outfitters” is located in the backside of Galloway Hall, to the left-hand side of the rear entrance. The shop is open on Tuesdays and Wednesday from 4 to 7 p.m., and on Thursdays from 4 to 6 p.m., and always welcoming in any new donations and new customers! Stop in for a spell to look through the clothing racks and try to find something cute and new to you!

Photo by Hannah Barco.

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