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Men's volleyball new to campus

Men’s volleyball is a new addition to the sports here at MVNU.

The team will start out as a club and switch over to a varsity sport for the 2020-2021 season. This startup season has seen a great turnout already. Head Coach Doug Sherer said, “It has been actually very encouraging because in our first meeting we had 30 guys come out showing interest in playing.”

Becoming a varsity sport next year will come with transition. Coach Sherer said that as a club, they are practicing two times a week. When the team becomes a varsity sport, “we will be practicing five to six times a week.” As a varsity sport, the team will be part of the Wolverine-Hoosier or Mid-Valley conference.

This club season, Coach Sherer said the team is in need of setters and will most likely only have one team that will travel, with the lineup changing week to week. Coach Sherer is looking forward to this club season and is excited to get the guys competing after all the practices. “I want to keep them hungry to play. Come tournament time, I want them to be hungry.”

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