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University Fund makes "a life changing difference"

The University Fund at Mount Vernon Nazarene University establishes opportunities to make a difference on campus by funding grant scholarships, service-learning trips, faculty professional development and several other campus-wide events.

Jill Ballenger, a 1994 graduate of MVNU, has recently returned to the university in hopes of giving back to the community. As Director of University Fund and Community Relations, Ballenger understands the importance of the University Fund. “Our goal is to help everyone understand that even the small recurring gifts add up and make a life changing difference,” she said. “Our University Fund must dramatically increase to keep up with the vital needs of our growing campus.”

Being an MVNU alumnus has benefited Ballenger because she has had the ability to serve in diverse roles at the University. “During all of my time here I have come to understand how critical a strong giving program is.” Ballenger previously served the campus community as an admissions Counselor, marketing recruiter and resident director.

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