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Cougie Crushes returns

The MVNU Cougie Crushes Twitter (@cougiecrushes) is back up after a two year hiatus.

The first run of the account was short-lived: its first tweet was “Crush away Cougs!” on Nov. 4, 2013, and its final tweet came just two and a half weeks later on Nov. 21, 2013. In that time, it posted approximately 61 tweets about MVNU crushes.

The account had been inactive since 2013, but came back after a Sept. 6 tweet from junior Aubrey Bailey (@abailey95) that said, “Can someone bring back cougie crushes? That added some spice to the MVNU campus.”

The next day, the anonymous hosts of MVNU Cougie Crushes tweeted that they were “back and ready to hear your crushes!” Bailey quoted the tweet and commented, “What have I done?”

The Cougie Crushes Twitter takes submissions from an account on, an anonymous question and answer platform website. The site has received some critical attention, including some media reports alleging that the anonymous nature of the site may promote abusive or bullying content.

However, someone at Cougie Crushes filters the anonymous submissions that come into and tweets only the ones the hosts want on their Twitter. Their description reads, “Tell us your MVNU crushes. Keep it classy or it will not be posted.”

One such tweet posted recently revealed a submission that said, “Wouldn't mind having a piece of the tall handsome blonde freshman on the varsity basketball team." Most crush tweets mention people specifically by name, and all of the new tweets are accompanied by emojis.

Alexis Eller, whose name had been posted in 2013, said, “to be honest I think my friends submitted it as a joke” but that she found it “flattering and then funny.”

Jeffrey Riter said that seeing his name on the Twitter was “both a little creepy and complimentary.”

The account, which has 260 followers and follows 366 twitter accounts, has only tweeted six crush tweets since Sept. 7.

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