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Coordinator of Career Development

All students have asked themselves the question, “What am I going to do after college?” Gary Swisher, the new coordinator for Career Development, has the help all students from freshmen to seniors need. Swisher is new to MVNU but not to career development, and he is ready to help students find answers for their career uncertainties.

Swisher comes to us this year from Ohio Dominican University. He had his eye on MVNU and applied when he saw there was an opening.

“I wanted to work for a Christian University,” Swisher said.

Swisher wants not only to supply the students with resources to find a job, but also to help them develop so they are ready for their professional career when they graduate.

“Our focus is helping students put pieces together and understand how their education is preparing them and how it relates to their professional lives,” Swisher explained.

The Career Development program is not only for seniors ready to leave college; there is help available for all students, from finding a career path to finding internships, enhancing resumes, and making use of other resources for future employment.

In his first year Swisher would like to determine what works best for students. He is looking to both keep aspects that have worked well in the past and apply new features that can improve career development for students.

Career Development has moved with the Center for Student Success to the main floor of the Thorne Library.

“Not only am I new but the Center for Student Success is new, so there are a lot of restarts going on right now,” Swisher said. “So right now I’m trying to get the office set up for business, so students can come in and utilize resources.”

With the support of Student Success, Swisher is ready to start working with students and their professional career paths. If you would like to talk with Gary Swisher, set up a meeting by contacting

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