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Women’s soccer seniors reflect on accomplishments

The 2015 women’s soccer seniors led the way this year for one of the most recognized teams in Lady Cougar soccer history.

The five seniors helped the Lady Cougars to a No. 18 ranking in the NAIA Top 25 Poll this fall. The Lady Cougars finished the season 10-7-2. The team also made it into the Top 25 rankings last season.

Rachel Baker: photo via MVNU SID

Coach Daniel Seiffert said this veteran group has been the stronghold for the team with their hard work and Christ-like character.

Kristen Davis: photo via MVNU SID
Alysha Benson: photo via MVNU SID

“The legacy that they have built and left behind has been historic,” Seiffert said.

The seniors said all their hard work over the years definitely paid off.

“My favorite memory from my soccer career is being ranked for the first time ever,” senior Casey Apple said. “It was something that we had always heard about but were never a part of.

To finally attain national ranking “was an amazing feeling that we worked hard for,” Apple said.

Hard work is not the only thing that has contributed to the Lady Cougars’ success. The team’s great chemistry has held them together and generated success.

“My favorite part about being a Lady Cougar is playing the game I love every day with my best friends,” senior Kristen Davis said.

Senior Lydia Simpson called her sisters on the soccer team “a blessing.”

“The type of bond that forms on any team cannot be matched,” she said. “Being a part of such a tight-knit group has been a blessing.”

The seniors said they have enjoyed playing for a purpose in such a positive atmosphere and credited their coaches for providing the right mix of intensity and encouragement.

“I’m really going to miss the positive attitude, the encouragement, the strength, the faith and the determination to never quit,” senior Alysha Benson said.

Even as they reflect on all the great memories on the field, some of the seniors said their favorite memories were made off the field.

“My favorite memories of playing soccer happened during the off-season,” senior Rachel Baker said. “I loved working really hard during off-season and seeing the fruits of your labor during the season.”

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