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Campus Safety Policy Update

With the recent double homicide in Mount Vernon as well as the rise of gun violence on college campuses around the country, students at MVNU are understandably concerned about the security of our campus. Campus Safety is looking to address those concerns with some timely policy revisions.

Russell Bray, assistant director of Facilities Operations, says that Campus Safety regularly reviews their policies in order to keep everything relevant and up to date.

“In a recent review, it was determined that our current plan needed to reflect changes in technology, best practices and our own campus environment” Bray said. “Our intent is to provide campus with a plan that is easy to implement and covers the wide range of potential emergency situations that our campus can face.”

Though nothing has been finalized yet, the updated policies will address “lockdown procedures as well as other emergency preparedness, response, and notification protocol.”

The goal is to make the current procedures and protocols more efficient and effective, and to ensure that students are aware of what to do should an emergency situation take place.

“We hope to have a complete plan to share with campus before the Christmas break,” Bray said.

As these updates are rolled out over the next few months, Campus Safety would love to hear students’ thoughts about the new programs. They hope to facilitate “a much needed discussion on campus about how we as a campus respond in emergency situations.”

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