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High School students get involved with MVNU

The new year brings new changes to the campus of MVNU as the administration introduces a summer program enabling high school students to take a two week course and earn three college credits.

This unique program showcases MVNU’s many academic options while familiarizing high school students with the environment on campus. The program has limited spots and will only accept 30 high school students.

Taking place July 17-30, this experience will feel like something between summer camp and attending college full time. It allows high school students to test out the college life while still gaining credit toward their future education.

Led by Brett Wiley, associate professor of English and director of the honors program, this course will be titled “Star Wars, Silento and the Super Bowl: Engaging Popular Culture.”

“This will be a college experience, from extra- and co-curricular events, the dorm and dining hall to meetings and classes,” Wiley said.

Wiley expects those who complete the course to become better critical thinkers, writers and oral communicators in addition to earning college credit for their Public Speaking requirement.

The topic for this course was developed after a successful freshman-level course taught by Wiley in the fall of 2015 which focused on popular culture.

“I recognize that we all, from 10th graders to 40 year olds and beyond, are interacting with and consuming popular culture,” Wiley said. “And, while we might think about it sometimes, we more often than not don't consider how or why that we're doing it.”

High school students who enroll will engage in various discussions, writing exercises and presentations surrounding today’s culture.

According to an MVNU press release, those who apply are required to have completed their sophomore year of high school and be 15 years of age or older. To participate, applicants must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.

There is an $800 fee that covers the students’ academic expenses as well as their room, board and meals for the two weeks on campus.


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