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Students live out slogan during spring break

True to the continuing mission and new slogan “Shine Forth,” MVNU will once again send teams all around the globe on mission trips during spring break.


Catie Hayes, MVNU’s director of Community and International Ministriest, is leading

a team to South America. Her group of students will head into Guyana’s jungles to the small village of Orealla.

There they will help educate the members of the village in skills like basket weaving that can produce an

income for villagers and their families.


Director of Student Life Rochel Furniss is taking a team of 13 students to Succotz, Belize, in Central America.

“We have built a relationship with Pastor Eric Reyes over the years, and he has extended the invitation again for us to bring another team,” Furniss said.

School enrollment in Succotz is growing quickly, and there is limited space for the students. The MVNU team will build a classroom to provide more students the opportunity to learn.

West Virginia

Director of AdmissionsTracy Waal will team up with Mission Academy and travel to Charleston, West Virginia, with 14 students during spring break.

“Mission Academy is a ministry that provides home maintenance and improvement in the low-income neighborhood on the west end of Charleston,” Waal said. “Many are veterans, widows, single moms or victims of domestic abuse. We want to show the love of Christ by addressing these needs.”


MVNU student Anthony DeMarco has been part of Mandate since his freshman year and started leading trips his sophomore year. Now a senior, he will once again take this trip with other MVNU students to Indianapolis, Indiana, to work with the Shepherd Community ministry.

The ministry of ShepherdCommunity has usually been a J-termMandate stop. The two-week springbreak will allow students to stay longenough to make an even bigger impact this year.

“Shepherd is a multi-faceted ministry that has a school, health programs, after-school programs and a church,” DeMarco said.Half the group will help in classrooms and with after-school activities. The other half will work on the Shalom project, a long-term project bringing peace to the area.

Different teams will address healthcare, living conditions and community leadership, withthe MVNU group taking part in construction, demolition and cleaning up the neighborhood.


Assistant to the Chaplain Kendra Lambert is leading a team to Fort Lauderdale First Church of the Nazarene in Fort Lauderdale,Florida. They will be working with the church with service and outreach projects within the community.


Pioneer Hall R.D. Maggie Figueroa and her team will represent MVNU in McAllen, Texas.

The group will workclosely with Rio ValleyChurch of the Nazarene,serving immigrants andgaining knowledge aboutthe issues surrounding theborder. MVNU students will interact with people involvedwith both sides of the border issues.

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