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Little Cougars attack MVNU

Every year, little Cougars visit campus to experience the college life with their older siblings.

Sixth through 12th grade students poured in January 22 and 23 for the annual Little Sibs weekend hosted by the Admissions office. With lots of fun events and a free t-shirt with registration, siblings were able to reconnect and spend time together.

Throughout the years the popularity of this weekend has grown as more and more siblings flood the MVNU campus.

“Even when we are separated we still have a chance to be connected,” sophomore Sadie Patton said. “I have started a new life, and my sister isn't part of it. But the little sibs weekend lets her see what my life is like and lets us spend time together.” Sophomore Walter Blanks agreed: “It's very important for my younger siblings because they look up to me. I'm their role model. They always want to be a part of my life and see what I'm doing.”

Not only is this an important event for family but also for many current MVNU students as unforgettable memories are often created.

“My freshman year there was a Halloween party during little sibs weekend and my sisters and I dressed up as superman and superwomen with capes and bright red boots,” Blanks said. “We danced all night and had a great times with friends.”

Those who attended the event were permitted to stay with their sibling of the same gender. Siblings of the opposite gender were housed with friends for the weekend.

“My brother came up last year and he is coming up again this weekend,” junior Aubrey Bailey said before the event. “He stays with one of my friends, and it's great because he is able to come spend the weekend with me.”

Little Sibs weekend is also a great recruiting opportunity for MVNU, as each little sib could be a future Cougar.

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