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Coffee shop owners all smiles as new business gets off to solid start

The newest coffee shop downtown is already enjoying major success. Happy Bean got off to a wonderful start after its opening on Feb. 6.

“It was a good mix of half students and half community,” co-owner Cassie Johnson said.

The Johnsons had trouble anticipating how busy they would be on their first day. Happy Bean turned out to be such a hit they ran out of coffee beans. However, a quick trip to their supplier and a substantial order of more beans kept them running smoothly. Johnson said customer feedback has been so far.

Many have praised Happy Bean products for their quality and taste, and the pour over brewing method — as opposed to the traditional auto drip — has proven to be a crowd-pleaser.

In addition to great products, Happy Bean has achieved its goal of providing a warm, inviting atmosphere for its guests.

“Happy Bean has done a really good job at giving it a good atmosphere for students,” senior video/ radio broadcasting major Annabelle Harray said.

Rustic tables and handwritten menus add to the intimacy of the space, and this attention to design and detail is also seen in the art that is created on top of each latte.

As Happy Bean continues to flourish in its new location, the Johnsons are looking ahead to the expansion of their business.

They hope to have new products such as frozen drinks available in time for summer.

A grand opening is planned for April 9 and will include door prizes, cookie decorating and live music.

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