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MVNU continues to “Fund the Future” for students

After two years, MVNU has met or exceeded three of the five financial goals of the “I Will” fund-raising campaign.

The goal for the “Fund the Future” portion of the campaign — 12 new endowments — has been exceeded with over $1 million invested for MVNU student scholarships.

This goal was set in 2014 to help meet the financial needs of the student body. More than 94 percent of MVNU students require some kind of financial aid.

“Seek to Serve,” another part of the “I Will” campaign, has also been fully funded. The goal for “Seek to Serve” is to finance the construction of new tennis facilities to accommodate the upcoming return of intercollegiate tennis to MVNU.

“Support Success,” a $350,000 initiative to finance the brand new Center for Student Success, has also been completely funded. The Center for Student Success opened this fall on the main floor of the library, offering academic advising, peer-led tutoring, learning labs and summer programs.

Fund-raising for the two remaining categories of the “I Will” campaign — “Engage Education” and “Sustain Commitment” — is still ongoing.

“Sustain Commitment” is 94 percent funded.

The “Sustain Commitment” initiative is a fund for the general needs of the university. Funds donated to this initiative will benefit endowments, scholarships, WNZR, capital projects, athletics, campus ministries, educational budgets and other projects that reinforce the strong academic and spiritual experience at MVNU.

“Sustain Commitment” has received $8,429,327 out of $8,930,000.

Lastly, at the end of the four years the goal for “Engage Education” is to have a fully functioning machine shop for mechanical engineering projects.

This includes large tools for drilling, cutting, bending and welding metals supplemented with computer‐aided design tools and a 3D printer.

This “Engage Education” category has reached 35 percent of its goal: $265,086 out of $740,000.

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