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New club hopes to 'grow'

According to Student Life, an agricultural and food awareness club is in the works.

Sophomores Kelsey Davis and Eli Ketron will lead the Collegiate Agricultural Club.

Photo by Emily Porter

Its purpose is to educate students on agriculture and bring awareness to its influence on their daily lives. Davis, who is a 4-H alumnus and lives on a farm, understands that a common misperception is that agriculture is solely about farming and animals.

“You don’t have to be a farmer or know a farmer to care about agriculture,” Davis said. “It’s the food we eat; it’s all around us.”

Davis is passionate about making sure that all people are properly informed about the food they are consuming. She says the club has plans to host an event specifically addressing the need for accurate and truthful information about food.

Their meetings have been attended by both local farmers and students with no background in agriculture.

Davis says that they are interested in taking a trip to farm to see baby animals some time in the future.

The agricultural club currently meets in the PSU one Monday a month at 8 p.m. They plan to continue in the fall of 2016 and expand their membership and activities.

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