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Business professor looks forward to time on farm

Business professor Daryl Gruver is retiring after 40 years of service at MVNU.

He began his teaching career as an accounting professor at Bethel College in North Newton, Kansas. In 1972, Gruver joined the MVNU team.

During his time as a professor in the School of Business, Gruver has taught a variety of classes. His main focus is currently finance and economics, and he is also the chair of the business department.

Gruver has won many awards while at MVNU. In 1977 he became part of the Delta Mu Delta National Honor Society in Business Administration. Gruver was the recipient of the MVNU College Merit award in 1984 and 1991. In 2007, Gruver received the MVNU Excellence in Advising and Retention Award and the MVNU Student Recruitment Award.

Gruver said his favorite part about MVNU is the relationships he has built over the years.

“It’s just been a great place to be,” Gruver said. “The people, of course, are what make this a great place.”

His success comes from his passion for teaching and his love for his students: “Without the students there would be no reason for us to be here.”

Next year, Gruver will occasionally help around the business department, but he is looking forward to his free time.

Gruver will spend most of his time gardening and doing daily chores on the farm where he lives. He is also looking forward to traveling to see his grandchildren in Indiana.

Students and colleagues said they will miss him.

“Professor Gruver, aka Gruve Dawg, was one of the first business professors I ever had here at MVNU,” Student Body President Brandon Hull said. “He laid a strong foundation for my knowledge of the economy, which is needed in every business class.”

Gruver will be missed both in and out of the classroom, Hull said.

“What stands out most to me is Professor Gruver’s desire to serve,” Hull said. “He has spoken truth and wisdom to many students and will be deeply missed.”

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