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"I Will" campaign brings in $16.8 million

MVNU’s alumni, friends, and family came together two years ago under one goal: to raise $11 million.

The total amount raised when the campaign closed May 31 was $16.8 million, far exceeding the University’s expectations.

The two-year “I Will” fund-raising campaign was established to provide for current students and pave a way for the future of the University.

University officials said donations toward the campaign came from 2,483 different households and 398 organizations all located throughout 40 states and three countries.

MVNU President Dr. Henry Spaulding said the “I Will” campaign’s success is a testament to the importance of the University, both past and future.

“The completion of the ‘I Will’ campaign is a reminder of the deep connection that MVNU has with the church, alumni and Mount Vernon community,” Spaulding said. “The generosity displayed in this important campaign will be multiplied in the lives of our students.”

The campaign included five distinct financial categories, with each one investing time and finances into a specific area of the MVNU community.

The “Engage Education” fund was the only one that fell short of its initial goal. Officials hoped to collect $740,000 but ended up with $275,989, which will be used to revitalize facilities and update equipment for the new electrical and mechanical engineering programs.

Thanks to “Seek to Serve” supporters, MVNU is welcoming a new tennis program to campus. The $800,000 is being used to build tennis courts on the west side of Martinsburg Road next to the softball field.

The outcome of “Support Success” also can already be seen on campus. Hoping to receive $350,000 to build the Center for Student Success, MVNU collected $372,212 to make the dream a reality.

“Fund the Future” created 18 new endowment scholarships for current students, exceeding the original goal of 10. A total of $1.56 million was given, surpassing the 2014 goal of $180,000.

“Sustain Commitment” provides revenue for the general needs of the University including campus ministries, athletics, WNZR, scholarships, capital projects and educational budgets. The campaign exceeded its $8.9 million goal by nearly $5 million. Total contributions were $13.8 million.

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