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Senior class gift provides more room for fun

The Senior Class of 2016 has donated money for a new campus recreational area repurposed specifically for student use.

Located between Birch and Redwood, the area has been dubbed the “Cougar Courtyard” by 2016 Senior Class President Anthony Clark.

The goal is for the Courtyard to be “a platform for the MVNU students to grow with one another, with the campus and with Christ,” he said.

Clark hopes the new area will provide a place for students to build community.

“I think it’s a great addition because it allows a vast array of students with different interests and hobbies to be able to build a relationship with one another that will go far beyond just where they met,” Clark said.

Clark worked on concept ideas with Director of Facilities Denny Taylor and Director of Student Life Rochel Furniss to plan and execute the project. Before the repurposing, the area was an unusable field of weeds.

Work was completed this summer, and the Cougar Courtyard is now available to all students for use. Last year’s graduating class donated the funds and combined them with monies provided by campus facilities to repurpose and level the area.

Each graduating class traditionally leaves a gift behind for returning students. Many of these contributions can be seen around campus, including the Eternal Flame, the waterfall by Hyson Center, and the Shaw Bell Tower between Founders and JSB.


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