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Sports Information Director position has reopened

The Sports Information Director (SID) position at MVNU is open again.

Previous SID Kirk McDonnell accepted an SID position at Michigan Tech University this summer. The MVNU athletic department hired a replacement, Jeremy Morgan, in August.

However, a few days into the job, the athletic department’s newest staff member communicated he was overwhelmed. Feeling he was behind and would not be able to catch up, Morgan resigned.

Now, MVNU is once again looking to fill this position — with an increased focus on finding someone who will stay long term, according to Athletic Director Keith Veale.

This job requires a significant time commitment because of the workload and schedule. The Sports Information Director orchestrates media coverage for every MVNU athletic team.

“All of our staff put in enormous amounts of hours behind the scenes,” Veale said.

Specific responsibilities include tasks like managing the athletic website, tracking the official player and team statistics during every home game and providing live updates of events. The SID also provides both pre-game and post-game notes for MVNU sports teams to the media and public.

The Sports Information Director works hand in hand with the coaches, staff, and athletes. This position is a vital part of MVNU athletics, Veale said.

Qualified applicants for the SID position need to understand sports and the statistical programs. Writing, verbal and organizational skills are required along with experience in public relations. But, most of all, the SID must have good time management to keep up with the growing athletic department.

For the time being, coaches and staff are working to fill the role. The athletic department is actively searching for a replacement but will not rush the process.

“We want a qualified and solid individual that can fit in for a long time,” Veale said.

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