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Campus Safety officers now "sergeants"

Two MVNU Campus Safety officers were officially promoted to sergeant last week.

By taking the oath of office, Lorna Hagner and Rob Pienkos have been given the opportunity to serve our campus in a new way, school officials said. Dean of Students and Title IX Coordinator Aaron Quinn said this promotion gives Sgt. Hagner and Sgt. Pienkos positions of leadership.

“The sergeant position is a promotion from the officer position,” Quinn said. “This position places the individual in a leadership role within Campus Safety.”

Sgt. Hagner has been employed at MVNU since June of 2000, and Sgt. Pienkos began his employment last February.

Quinn said both Campus Safety officers have “demonstrated their commitment to the MVNU Community and Campus Safety through their professionalism and dedication.”

As the department moves to a ‘community policing’ model of interaction, “we felt it necessary to have specific officers in charge of different aspects of campus safety,” Quinn said.

The sergeants will now be responsible for operations and equipment of Campus Safety, and each has three full-time officers under their supervision.

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