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Students praise the partnership with Happy Bean

Student Road Bucks and faculty/staff Flex-Dollars will now be accepted at Happy Bean, Mount Vernon’s downtown coffee shop.

This partnership has been in the works since Happy Bean first moved into Hunter Hall, part of MVNU’s downtown campus.

Director of Business Services Steve Jenkins said, “there was an agreement on both sides that, when the time was right, we wanted students to be able to use their Road Bucks at Happy Bean.”

Jenkins is excited about the new opportunity and hopes students will take advantage of the partnership.

Sophomore nursing major Caleb Potts has purchased an afternoon pick-me-up on multiple occasions and is thankful for the addition.

“I like it! Happy Bean is one of the only places I can get something in between classes because of my busy schedule,” Potts said. “Now I can save some money.”

Although senior graphic design major Bethany Waal does not drink coffee, she enjoys the loose leaf tea available at Happy Bean.

“I’m really excited,” Waal said. “I love their tea and using my Road Bucks there is perfect!”

Without this new partnership, Waal said, her Road Bucks would have gone to waste this semester.

“I have never used all of my Road Bucks,” Waal said. “Sometimes I buy things for my roommate, but not for myself.”

With a gluten free diet she cannot have the options available at the 586. But, with the addition of Happy Bean, she anticipates using most, or even all, of her Road Bucks for the first time.

Jenkins recognizes that this partnership will draw revenue from The 586. But, “the University believes the benefit to students in providing a professionally prepared coffee product while encouraging community involvement is worth it,” he said.

Students can purchase additional Road Bucks through Student Accounts, and faculty and staff can go online to Pioneer College Caterers, or click here.

The Pass cannot be used alongside Road Bucks or Flex-Dollars due to the discount given when Road Bucks and Flex-Dollars are purchased.

For more information, contact Jenkins at or stop by Happy Bean located in Hunter Hall in downtown Mount Vernon.

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