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"Educators of Tomorrow" come to MVNU

MVNU education majors will host the “Educators of Tomorrow” Conference on Oct. 21 for high school students interested in becoming teachers.

This conference is a chance for MVNU students aspiring to be teachers to showcase what they have learned while interacting with future educators in a conference setting.

April Garris, a senior education major, is looking forward to the conference.

"We have been working all semester on our presentations that we will give to the future teachers of America," Garris said. "These students will be going away from the conference with a lot of basic knowledge of teaching that will get them excited about what they are going to be learning in college."

According to education professor Michael Traugh, the breakout sessions will be led by MVNU students and geared toward high school juniors and seniors interested in education.

“The conference content will focus on leadership, instructional strategies, technology integration, diversity of students, differentiated instruction, and classroom management,” Traugh said.

The cost of the one-day conference is $20 and includes lunch and a T-shirt.

Jessica Grubaugh, MVNU’s director of Graduate and Continuing Education, has been preparing for this conference for over a year. Grubaugh said this is a great opportunity for future educators.

“There are virtually no conferences in the state targeted specifically at high school pre-service teachers,” Grubaugh said. “We wanted to develop and offer this type of event to fill a need for high school students while showcasing MVNU and our education programs.”

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