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Cougar Character: Van Der Eems new to MVNU

Kristina Van Der Eems is the new Resident Director of Galloway.

Originally from the West Coast, Van Der Eems attended school at Asbury University. After graduation she accepted a position as Assistant Resident Director at Eastern Nazarene College in Boston.

Van Der Eems recently moved from Massachusetts to Ohio for the Resident Director job at MVNU.

“I’ve always been interested in being a Resident Director,” Van Der Eems said. “I got the opportunity to be an Assistant Resident Director at ENC for two years. I did almost everything that an RD does, so it was like I was one.”

Van Der Eems heard about the job at MVNU while attending a conference last year. There, she met Kevin Peterson and a few other MVNU RDs.

“I knew I was looking for a new position, and my coworkers told me to check it out,” Van Der Eems said. “Once I interviewed and got the job, I knew that it was a good decision because of the connection I felt on campus with the students and other Resident Directors.”

Although it was a big life choice moving from Massachusetts to Ohio, Van Der Eams says she does not regret it at all.

“I really like the area, and it’s a nice change of pace from Boston,” she stated. “Mount Vernon is a great place to start a family, and I’m glad my husband and I moved here.”

Being an RD is a unique job, as it requires living among college students and guiding them through the college experience. Her responsibilities are vast and include administration within the dorm, discipline when needed, counselor to those who ask and friend to all.

But, Van Der Eems loves it so far.

“My favorite part of being an RD is the interaction with students. I like to see them grow, and I really enjoy having both freshman and upperclassmen living in the building.”

She has enjoyed planning events in Galloway, like sleepovers, and encouraging the girls at various events, like Res Life week.

“I hope to contribute my best effort to provide for the needs of the students at MVNU, particularly in Galloway, and to always be a helpful teammate to those that I share this responsibility with,” Van Der Eeems said. “Specifically, I want Galloway to be a welcoming and Christ-like community, that is full of strength and laughter and encourages its residents to be growing in character and pursuing what calling God has on their lives.”

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