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Student Life requisitions student schedules

As the semester powers forward and calendars fill, MVNU students are asked to send their academic schedules to their resident assistants.

The request comes from Dean of Students Aaron Quinn who is working to improve the safety and security around campus.

“It's a safety thing, not only for the resident area, but also if there is an emergency situation and we need to get hold of the student,” he said.

Quinn commented that most families are not aware of their student’s day-to-day schedule. In case of a family or campus emergency, resident directors and assistants should have access to a student’s general schedule.

“I would feel better if someone knew where I was supposed to be, someone who does not micromanage but who is familiar with me,” said Quinn.

The schedules will be kept in the RA office of each residence area for reference by resident directors and assistants only. They will not be accessible to others.

“We will not micromanage a student or invade their privacy,” Quinn added.

The intention of this request extends to enhancing the community and relationships at MVNU. Quinn hopes this will help resident assistants build relationships, responsibility and accountability within their resident areas.

“We are trying to create a culture of rhythm in our resident areas,” Quinn said. “If the RA is familiar with classes and times [of residents] then they can improve the relationship.”

Alayna De Leon, the resident assistant in Spruce, has not used the new resource yet, but believes it has potential in the right setting.

“I think the idea behind it all is great,” she said. “I could really see it making a difference if it was implemented in the freshman dorms, Redwood, and with transfer students. But, I think it may be less realistic for the apartments.”

De Leon said that her residents are upperclassmen who are comfortable in their schedules and do not require extra accountability. They “have the whole ‘college thing’ down,” she added.

Senior Josh Neighoff agrees.

“I think it’s unnecessary. If you need to be held accountable to not fall through the cracks, then you need to surround yourself with people who will make sure you go to class,” he said.

Neighoff added that there is more confusion surrounding the request than anything else.

“We got an email asking to [send our schedules] without an explanation at first, starting off on the wrong foot,” he said.

Junior Mason Noe was not aware of this request but believes it will enhance the community of MVNU. However, he adds that, “they [residential life] have our phone numbers so I don't know why they can’t just contact us.”

With or without this resource, De Leon believes resident assistants should focus on building personal relationships with their residents. This will allow them to know each individual beyond what can be submitted on a piece of paper.

“I find it to be very important to consistently engage with residents on a personal level — enough to know if and when there is a situation” said De Leon.

The request was sent to the student body a couple weeks back. All students are encouraged to send their class schedules to their resident assistant if they have not done so yet.

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