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Collegians to lead Cavaliers in National Anthem

MVNU’s Collegians Chorale will travel to the Quicken Loans Arena to lead the stadium in the National Anthem for the Cleveland Cavaliers game on Jan. 19.

This is not the group’s first performance at a sporting event. Collegians has performed the National Anthem for the Cleveland Indians and Cincinnati Reds on multiple occasions said Dr. Bob Tocheff. Tocheff is a professor of music at MVNU and the director of Collegians Chorale.

This year, “I decided to switch it up and try the Cavs,” said Tocheff.

The game is scheduled for Thursday, Jan. 19 with tip off at 7 p.m.. The Cavaliers will be playing against the Phoenix Suns and the game will air on FOX Sports.

Roughly thirty members of Collegians will travel to Cleveland with the majority of the group holding the American flag on the court. Tocheff and three current MVNU students will lead the stadium in singing the National Anthem.

“The Cavaliers experienced notoriety last year in the playoffs when they had the whole arena sing the anthem instead of a celebrity,” said Tocheff. They wanted to do something similar this year.

“So, although Collegians won’t be singing by themselves, it will be an honor to participate as they have requested,” said Tocheff.

Sophomore Logan Stroud traveled with Collegians last year to sing at the Cleveland Indians game and will be part of the group going to the Cavaliers game this year.

“Singing for that many people and knowing that you are being broadcasted throughout the nation can put some pressure on you,” said Stroud.

Stroud described the experience as humbling and he is excited to relive the experience again Thursday night.

Freshman Madeline Quinn has sung at multiple high school games, but nothing as big as a Cavaliers game.

“I’m nervous, but very excited,” said Quinn.

Alumni were also invited to the event. Invitations were sent out before the first of the year and responses were immediately received.

There are a total of 111 MVNU students, friends, family and alumni attending the event.

“We have always partnered with our alumni,” said Tocheff. “It is an enjoyable event for all and a good way for alumni to stay connected to MVNU.”

Most of the alumni will be seated in the reserved section to enjoy the anthem and game. However, a few former Collegians members are expected to join the group on the court.

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