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Little sibs will flood campus for the weekend

The annual Little Sibs Weekend will take place this Friday and Saturday on the MVNU campus.

This weekend students are encouraged to invite their little brothers and sisters to campus to experience college life.

Though the fundamental purpose of the weekend is to provide bonding time and create memories for students and their families, Admissions officials said they also hope to make an impression on younger siblings as they search for a future college.

“Younger siblings get to have a positive experience on our campus — something that often carries through when the student ends up deciding on a college their senior year of high school,” said Tracy Waal, director of admissions and student recruitment.

Registration for the weekend is $15. Cash and all major credit cards are accepted. Checks can be made out to MVNU. Those who register will receive a T-shirt, meals for the weekend and access to Cougar basketball games.

MVNU junior Walter Blanks has participated in Little Sibs weekend for the past two years and says it’s always been a great weekend for everyone who attends.

“The campus is full of people,” Blanks said. “It’s an amazing environment watching college students interact with their siblings and seeing younger kids interact with college students.”

Little Sibs weekend is a great time for siblings to connect and for younger students to get a taste of college life, he said.

“I think it’s important because my little siblings look up to me, and they are always curious about what I am up to. This is a great way for me to show them instead of just telling them over the phone,” Blanks said.

Blanks’ sister Petra Woodard has attended Little Sibs weekend in the past and looks forward to this year’s event.

“You are able to connect with your siblings and just have a fun time before you have to leave and don’t see them until the holidays,” Woodard said.

Woodard has many memories from Little Sibs weekend but “getting to have breakfast with my brother and just catching up on life and his experience so far in college” stands out among the rest, she said.

Registration is open for siblings of all MVNU students at Those with siblings of the opposite gender are responsible for finding housing for their brother or sister for the weekend.

For more information, call the Enrollment Events office at 1-866-482-MVNU, option #8.

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