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Vosler and DeWalt to perform at Carnegie Hall

Two MVNU music students will take the stage of Carnegie Hall in New York City on Feb. 5, 2017.

Kendra Vosler, an MVNU senior, and Nick DeWalt, a 2016 graduate, will be singing in a choir of 18- to 25-year-olds as part of the Young Adult Performance Series at Carnegie Hall.

This choir assembles vocalists from around the country to showcase their skills for other talented musicians and renowned conductors.

The elite group requires each member to be nominated by a music professional. Vosler and DeWalt were nominated by Dr. Bob Tocheff of the MVNU music department.

“As I read about this opportunity, I felt it would be very beneficial for any of our singers,” Tocheff said.

His nomination earned Vosler and DeWalt an opportunity to apply for a spot in the choir.

Following the nomination, Vosler and DeWalt submitted an application and an audition recording to be reviewed by the expert board of music professionals.

After their acceptance both students received the song list and plans for the trip.

Vosler and DeWalt are required to have six songs memorized upon arrival to Carnegie Hall so they are prepared for the three days of rehearsals and the Sunday evening performance.

The trip includes the final performance, daily rehearsals at Carnegie Hall, a Broadway show, workshops with music professionals and four nights in New York City.

The choir will perform a total of six songs including “Gloria Fanfare” and “My Good Lord’s Done Been Here.”

Vosler looks forward to the experience and the many memories and opportunities she will receive.

“I’m hoping to gain a great experience, amazing memories, and maybe even make some connections within my field,” Vosler said.

For DeWalt, the experience will be a way to learn new tools and techniques for teaching and directing choirs and musical ensembles.

DeWalt hopes the performance at Carnegie Hall will motivate music students to

continue to work hard so they will have similar opportunities in the future.

“This is definitely the biggest performance I’ve done. Not only the biggest choir, but the biggest venue — it’s Carnegie Hall!” DeWalt said. “Everyone knows what Carnegie Hall is.”

In addition to the performance of a lifetime, Vosler and DeWalt look forward to the networking opportunities available during the trip. The two will be working alongside conductors, Broadway performers and professional musicians during the five-day trip.

They will also have the ability to make connections with fellow students with similar dreams and aspirations.

The choir will be under the direction of Dr. Jeffrey Redding. Redding is a nationally known conductor and lecturer. His accomplishments include directing the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in 2005, speaking at TEDx Talks, and directing All-State and Honors choirs in 25 states.

Tocheff hopes that Vosler and DeWalt will come back from The Performance Series with new insights that will influence the students at MVNU and the music department.

“I am thrilled for this opportunity for Kendra and Nick,” said Tocheff. “They will learn much from Dr. Redding.”

Vosler is a senior double major in Music Performance and Business Administration and DeWalt graduated in 2016 with a degree in Music Education with a specialization in Vocal Performance.

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